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Microwave Journal 2010 №11

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Microwave Journal 2010 №11
Pat Hindle, Microwave Journal Editor. In-depth look at the technological advances in solid-state switches, including the emerging battle between CMOS silicon-on-insulator, silicon-on-sapphire and GaAs MMIC switches.
Mohamed Sanad, Amant-Antennas; Noha Hassan, Cairo University. Development of a wideband antenna for ultra high frequency mobile digital television.
H. García-Vázquez, Sunil L. Khemchandani, J. Arias-Pérez and J. del Pino, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Presentation of a configuration to achieve flat gain in wideband low noise amplifiers.
J.S. Mandeep and H. Abdullah, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; Nitesh Ram, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Presentation of the design and development of a balanced low noise amplifier suitable for WiMAX base station applications.
Mark Bailly, EMC Technology. Description of how diamond passive components provide a path to reduce design limitations in real applications.
Radiall USA Inc. Design of a 75 ohm HDTV BNC connector that offers a 75 ohm interface with low VSWR and return loss over a frequency range from 0 to 6 GHz.
Tecdia. Development of a series of bias-T products for high power GaN devices.
KMW USA Inc. Introduction to a triple mode filter capable of providing high stop band attenuation with low pass band insertion loss in a small package.
Hittite Microwave Corp. Introduction to two wideband voltage-controlled oscillators that operate between 6 to 12 and 10 to 20 GHz.
MECA Electronics. Design of a power divider/combiner product family based on microstrip techniques using high quality materials to lower insertion loss.
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