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Bellingham R., Campanello R. HR Optimization

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Bellingham R., Campanello R. HR Optimization
This book represents a blueprint for human resource transformation. It not only contains action steps and tasks, but also provides the vision for the future of human resources.
It is obvious in this book that Bellingham and Campanello have not only lived in the organizational trenches for many years, but also have done their research.
It is scholarly, pragmatic, and easily accessible. Bellingham and Campanello possess an incredible track record for innovation and results. Implementing the recommendations in this book should result in a great company in which great people have great jobs. It explains how to align the business and people strategies to achieve profitable growth. It successfully outlines the levels that exist between a company’s present state and the end game. Thus, one is never too far away from an orientation point.
The beauty of this book is that it stimulates thought and provides a process for discussion. Each chapter is written to engage readers in a thought process that can be applied to their unique situation. The book encourages readers to assess their current situation, think about organizational readiness for change, and then develop action strategies to elevate the function. This book succinctly outlines critical success factors and invites readers to add their own success factors and their reasons to change.
Some of the most compelling ideas of each chapter are contained in the Lessons Learned section. The authors derive these lessons from over 40 years of work with more than 200 companies. As such, they constitute a rich source of guidelines for successful transformation.
Perhaps the most unique contribution this book makes is to organize all 14 human resource functions into their respective components, functions, processes, conditions, and standards. Based on the work of Dr. Robert Carkhuff, no other book has taken such a systematic and deductive approach to HR optimization. Again, the experience of the authors comes through in the conclusions of each chapter. Their multidimensional thinking provides frameworks and models that are invaluable for guiding transformation efforts. As a business leader, I am continually implored to take into account the human and organizational factors that account for sustainable growth. This book shows how to do just that.
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