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Hansen B. Mexican Cookery

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Hansen B. Mexican Cookery
HP Books, 1980. - 192 Pages.
Welcome to Mexican cooking! Mexico's food is as exciting and colorful as its art and music, as
dramatic as its history and as appealing as its lively, warm-hearted people. It is also immensely
practical, good for you and so varied that monotony is impossible. Yet what is known beyond the Mexican border about this entrancing food scarcely amounts to the crumb of a tortilla.
Tacos, tamales and enchiladas are tasty ambassadors. But these and the few other dishes
featured by Mexican restaurants outside the country only hint at greater riches.
Now you can prepare authentic home-style Mexican food right in your own kitchen. It's easy, inexpensive, and you'll love the results. Serve tacos, tortillas and enchiladas.
Serve genuine corn tamales, homemade salsa and delicious came asada. Enjoy Mexican holiday breads, colorful fruit drinks and superb salads. Your family and friends will shout, "iFantastico! "
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