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Elaydi S.N., Oliveira H., Ferreira J.M., Alves J.F. (editors) Discrete Dynamics and Difference Equations

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Elaydi S.N., Oliveira H., Ferreira J.M., Alves J.F. (editors) Discrete Dynamics and Difference Equations
World Scientific Publishing Company, 2010. - 436 pages.
These proceedings include articles based on talks presented at the 12th International Conference on dierence equations and applications (ICDEA07). The conference was held in Lisbon, July 23{27, 2007, under the auspices of the International Society of Dierence Equations (ISDE). This volume encompasses articles on a variety of current topics such as stability, bifurcation, functional equations, chaos theory, mathematical biology, mathematical economics, boundary value problems, neural networks, cellular automata, combinatorics, and numerical methods. There are articles on hyperbolic dynamics in Nash maps (Misiurewicz et al. ), discrete
versions of the Lyapunov-Schmidt method (Vanderbauwhede), hyperbolic and minimal sets (Pinto et al. ), dierence equations with continuous time (Sharkovsky et al. ), interval maps on cellular automata (Ramos et al. ), and chaotic synchronization (Caneco). On mathematical biology, we include articles on stability through migration (Fujimoto et al. ), a two-dimensional competing species model (Johnson et al. ), and a multiplicative delay population dynamics model (Braverman et al. ). In addition, we have papers on Stochastic dierence equations (Appleby et al. ), combinatorics of Newton maps (Balibrea), fuzzy dynamical systems (Rodriguez-Lopez), discretized panograph equations, nonlinear boundary problems (Sharkovsky et al. ), and neural networks (Cheng et al. ) are also included. Due to our limited space, we have not mentioned many papers in these proceedings. The interested reader may nd a complete list of the titles in this volume under
the Contents section.
The volume encompasses current topics on stability and bifurcation, chaos, mathematical biology, iteration theory, nonautonomous systems, and stochastic dynamical systems.
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