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MacDonald M. Pro Silverlight 4 in C#

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MacDonald M. Pro Silverlight 4 in C#
APRESS, 2010. 874 p.
Описание: Silverlight is a framework for building rich, browser-hosted applications that run on a variety of operating systems. Silverlight works its magic through a browser plug-in. When you surf to a web page that includes some Silverlight content, this browser plug-in runs, executes the code, and renders that content in a specifically designated region of the page. The important part is that the Silverlight plug-in provides a far richer environment than the traditional blend of HTML and JavaScript that powers ordinary web pages. Used carefully and artfully, you can create Silverlight pages that have interactive graphics, use vector animations, and play video and sound files.
About the Author.xxii
About the Technical Reviewer .xxiii
Introduction .xxv
Introducing Silverlight .
Dependency Properties and Routed Events.
The Application Model.
Navigation .
Shapes and Geometries.
Brushes, Transforms, and Bitmaps.
Sound, Video, and Deep Zoom.
Styles and Behaviors.
Templates and Custom Controls .
Browser Integration.
ASP.NET Web Services .
Data Binding .
Data Controls
File Access .
Out-of-Browser Applications.
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