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Lithaw P.N. Glycolysis Regulation, Processes and Diseases

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Lithaw P.N. Glycolysis Regulation, Processes and Diseases
Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2009. - 196 p.
Glycolysis literally means "splitting sugars. " In glycolysis, glucose (a six carbon sugar) is split into two molecules of a three-carbon sugar. Glycolysis yields two molecules of ATP (free energy containing molecule), two molecules of pyruvic acid and two "high energy" electron carrying molecules of NADH. Glycolysis can occur with or without oxygen. In the presence of oxygen, glycolysis is the first stage of cellular respiration. Without oxygen, glycolysis allows cells to make small amounts of ATP. This process is called fermentation. This new book presents the latest research in the field.
Regulation of Glycolysis in Lactococcus Lactis
The Cancer-Hypoxia/Decreased Respiration-Glycolysis Connection: New Insights from Nobel Prize-winner, Otto Warburg, MD, PhD
Pattern Formation and Dissipation in a Model Glycolytic System: The Effect of Complexing Reaction with the Activator
The Role of Skeletal Muscle Glycolysis in Whole Body Metabolic Regulation and Type 2 Diabetes
Glycolysis and the Lung
Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Glycolysis in Microbial Cells
Blood Lactate Concentrations, Resistive Force Selection and High Intensity Cycle Ergometry. Metabolic Implications and Associations with Running Ability
Blood Lactate Concentrations Following Repeat Brief Maximal Intermittent Exercise in Man. Glycolytic Energy Supply and Influence of Plasma Volume Changes
Mathematical Modeling as a Tool for Decoding the Control of Metabolic Pathways
Influencing Metabolism during Critical Illness – Potential Novel Strategies
Short Communication
The Anti-Ageing Effect of Enhanced Glycolysis; Another Role of the Warburg Effect
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