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Torshin I.Y., Gromova O. Magnesium and Pyridoxine. Fundamental Studies and Clinical Practice

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Torshin I.Y., Gromova O. Magnesium and Pyridoxine. Fundamental Studies and Clinical Practice
Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2009. — 196 p.
This book is intended for doctors and medical students. It provides a wealth of data on clinical research, molecular biology and biochemistry of magnesium. The book also aims to correct a number of misconceptions concerning biological roles of magnesium. Synergic interactions of magnesium with pyridoxine as well as with minerals and with drugs are detailed. The book can be recommended to doctors of different specialties (neurologists, cardiologists, physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynaecologists, pathologists, nutritionists and others) which can fruitfully use the information presented in the book in their clinical practice. The book will also be helpful to medical students studying experimental and clinical pharmacology.
The Biological Roles of Magnesium
Absorption, Elimination and the Daily Requirement of Magnesium
The Deficiency of Magnesium
Conditions and Diseases Accompanied by Magnesium Deficiency
Correction of the Magnesium Deficit
Effects of Various Drugs on Magnesium Homeostasis
Toxicology of Magnesium: Hypermagnesemia
Physiological Importance of Pyridoxine
Determination of the Magnesium and Pyridoxine Levels
The Contents of Mineral Substances and Pyridoxine in Different Foods
Reference Values of Mineral and Triglyceride Levels (Gromova, 2001)
Testing Glycosylated Hemoglobin-C (HbA1C)
Genes Implicated in Magnesium Homeostasis
Polymorphisms Associated with Connective Tissue Displasias (CTD)
Magne-B6 Film-Coated Tablets
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