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Wilpert B., Itoigawa N. (eds.) Safety Culture in Nuclear Power Operations

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Wilpert B., Itoigawa N. (eds.) Safety Culture in Nuclear Power Operations
Taylor & Francis Publ. , London, New York, 2001, 355 pp. - ISBN 0-415-24649-0
The present volume is the result of ICNPO III, which took place in Mihama, Japan, September 8-10, 1999. It addresses the various aspects of a new emergent concept in its relevance to the safety and reliability of nuclear installations: safety culture. Because of their overall strong safety record, nuclear operations may be characterized by features of low risk. However, their intrinsic hazards remain inseparable from the nuclear energy production process. Whereas safety research has in the past mainly focused on the quality, reliability, and availability of technical components, the significant role of human contributions to safety has become ever more evident. This fact gives special salience to the concept of safety culture as an integral notion that encompasses and requires the conscientious cooperation of all factors contributing to nuclear safety: governments, regulators, utility management, staff in nuclear power plants, manufacturers, consultants, and research institutions.
List of Contributors.
The relevance of safety culture for nuclear.
Nuclear power and societal problems in risk.
Cultural and national factors in nuclear safety.
A review of six human reliability assessment.
The significance of safety culture for nuclear.
Nuclear safety culture and electric.
The public's view of safety culture in nuclear.
Identification of important organizational.
Lessons on safety culture: a review of industrial safety on Japan.
Assessing the influence of organizational factors on nuclear safety.
Interrelationships between organizational.
Developing a safety conscious work.
The human contribution to overall.
Event analysis as a tool to enhance safety.
Managing personnel and work place issues in nuclear power operations.
Subjective norms and procedural.
Activities for on-site application performed in the Human Factors Group.
Enhanced activities for human error prevention at the Kansai Electric Power Company nuclear power stations.
Sharing knowledge on human error prevention.
A sign system for safety in nuclear power plants.
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