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Petrangeli G. Nuclear Safety

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Petrangeli G. Nuclear Safety
Elsevier, 2006, 447 pp. - ISBN 13: 978-0-7506-6723-4.
Inventory and localization of radioactive products in the plant.
Safety systems and their functions.
The classification of accidents and a discussion of some examples.
Severe accidents.
The dispersion of radioactivity releases.
Health consequences of releases.
The general approach to the safety of the plant-site complex.
Defence in depth.
Quality assurance.
Safety analysis.
Safety analysis review.
Classification of plant components.
Notes on some plant components.
Earthquake resistance.
Tornado resistance.
Resistance to external impact.
Nuclear safety criteria.
Nuclear safety research.
Operating experience.
Underground location of nuclear power plants.
The effects of nuclear explosions.
Radioactive waste.
Safety of specific plants and of other activities.
Nuclear facilities on satellites.
Erroneous beliefs about nuclear safety.
When can we say that a particular plant is safe?
The limits of nuclear safety: the residual risk.
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