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Das D.B. (Ed.) Hassanizadeh S.M. Upscaling Multiphase Flow in Porous Media: From Pore to Core and Beyond

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Das D.B. (Ed.) Hassanizadeh S.M. Upscaling Multiphase Flow in Porous Media: From Pore to Core and Beyond
Springer, 2005. 259 p. ISBN:9781402036040, 1402035136
This book provides concise, up-to-date and easy-to-follow information on certain aspects of an ever important research area: multiphase flow in porous media.
This flow type is of great significance in many petroleum and environmental engineering problems, such as in secondary and tertiary oil recovery, subsurface remediation and CO2 sequestration. This book contains a collection of selected papers (all refereed) from a number of well-known experts on multiphase flow.
The papers describe both recent and state-of-the-art modeling and experimental techniques for study of multiphase flow phenomena in porous media. Specifically, the book analyses three advanced topics: upscaling, pore-scale modeling, and dynamic effects in multiphase flow in porous media.
This will be an invaluable reference for the development of new theories and computer-based modeling techniques for solving realistic multiphase flow problems. Part of this book has already been published in a journal. Audience This book will be of interest to academics, researchers and consultants working in the area of flow in porous media.
Table of Contents
SECTION I: Pore Scale Network Modelling
Bundle-of-Tubes Model for Calculating Dynamic Effects in the Capillary-Pressure-Saturation Relationship - Helge K. Dahle, Michael A. Celia and S. Majid Hassanizadeh
Predictive Pore-Scale Modeling of Single and Multiphase Flow - Per H. Valvatne, Mohammad Piri, Xavier Lopez and Martin J. Blunt
Digitally Reconstructed Porous Media: Transport and Sorption Properties - M. E. Kainourgiakis, E. S. Kikkinides, A. Galani, G. C. Charalambopoulou and A. K. Stubos
Pore-Network Modeling of Isothermal Drying in Porous Media - A. G. Yiotis, A. K. Stubos, A. G. Boudouvis, I. N. Tsimpanogiannis and Y. C. Yortsos
Phenomenological Meniscus Model for Two-Phase Flows in Porous Media - M. Panfilov and I. Panfilova
SECTION II: Dynamic Effects and Continuum-Scale Modelling
Macro-Scale Dynamic Effects in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Porous Media - Sabine Manthey, S. Majid Hassanizadeh and Rainer Helmig
Dynamic Capillary Pressure Mechanism for Instability in Gravity-Driven Flows; Review and Extension to Very Dry Conditions - John L. Nieber, Rafail Z. Dautov, Andrey G. Egorov and Aleksey Y. Sheshukov
Analytic Analysis for Oil Recovery During Counter-Current Imbibition in Strongly Water-Wet Systems - Zohreh Tavassoli, Robert W. Zimmerman and Martin J. Blunt
Multi-Stage Upscaling: Selection of Suitable Methods - G. E. Pickup, K. D. stephen, J. Ma, P. Zhang and J. D. Clark
Dynamic Effects in Multiphase Flow: A Porescale Network Approach - T. Gielen, S. M. Hassanizadeh, A. Leijnse and H. F. Nordhaug
Upscaling of Two-Phase Flow Processes in Porous Media - Hartmut Eichel, Rainer Heling, Insa Neuweiler and Olaf A. Cripka
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