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Sinclair I.R. Sensors and transducers

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Sinclair I.R. Sensors and transducers
Third edition. Newnes, 2001. – 320 p. – ISBN 978-0-7506-4932-1.
In this book Ian Sinclair provides the practical knowhow required by technician engineers, systems designers and students. The focus is firmly on understanding the technologies and their different applications, not a mathematical approach. The result is a highly readable text which provides a unique introduction to the selection and application of sensors, transducers and switches, and a grounding in the practicalities of designing with these devices. The devices covered encompass heat, light and motion, environmental sensing, sensing in industrial control, and signal-carrying and non-signal switches.
Strain and pressure.
Position, direction, distance and motion.
Light and associated radiation.
Temperature sensors and thermal transducers.
Sound, infrasound and ultrasound.
Solids, liquids and gases.
Environmental sensors.
Other sensing techniques.
Instrumentation techniques.
Switch principles.
Switch mechanisms.
Signal carrying switches.
Suppliers of sensors ans transducers.
Glossary of therms.
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