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Woolfson Michael M. Time, Space, Stars and Man: The Story of the Big Bang

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Woolfson Michael M. Time, Space, Stars and Man: The Story of the Big Bang
World Scentific Publishing Company.
Год: 2009.
Страниц: 422.
Язык Английский.
Most well-read, but non-scientific, people will have heard of the term 'Big Bang' as a description of the origin of the Universe. They will recognize that DNA identifies individuals and will know that the origin of life is one of the great unsolved scientific mysteries. This book brings together all of that material. Starting with the creation of space and time - known as the Big Bang - the book traces causally related steps through the formation of matter, of stars and planets, the Earth itself, the evolution of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, and then through to the beginnings of life and the evolution of man. The material is presented in such a way that an intelligent non-scientist can comprehend it, without using formulae or equations but still preserving the integrity of the involved science.This book does not solve the mysteries of what initiated the Big Bang or how life evolved from inanimate matter, but it does make clear the nature of those problems. The reader will be left with a sense of wonderment that he or she actually exists!
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