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Bose Bimal K. Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives

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Bose Bimal K. Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives
Prentice Hall PTR, 2002. — 711 p.
An advanced, authoritative, and practical guide for state-of-the-art power electronics and AC drive technology.
A clear understanding of power electronics and AC drives is crucially important in a wide range of modern systems, from household appliances to automated factories—and it requires cross-disciplinary expertise that many engineers lack. Now, in Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives, one of the world's leading experts covers every aspect of the topic, including crucial innovations such as artificial intelligence, advanced estimation, and sensorless control. This book is not only important as an advanced reference but also covers the material for one senior-level and two graduate-level courses. Dr. Bimal K. Bose discusses these key points and many more.
Modern power semiconductor devices, converter circuits, and electrical machines
High-performance control of induction and synchronous motor drives
Energy saving control
Estimation, identification, and sensorless control of drives
Artificial intelligence techniques such as expert system, fuzzy logic, and neural network applied to power electronics and drives
Use of MATLAB-based toolboxes in simulation and design
Today's technology challenges—and tomorrow'
Today's technology innovations make it possible to deliver higher performance, lower cost power electronics and drives for a wide range of industrial, commercial, military, utility, and residential applications. Furthermore, it can help more efficient use of electricity and thus contribute to environmental protection. If you're a practicing engineer, Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives can help you achieve these results, regardless of your previous experience.
The content of the book can be summarized as follows:
Chapter 1 contains description of different types of power semiconductor devices including the recent 1GCT, where IGBT device has been emphasized.
Chapter 2 describes induction and synchronous machine theories in somewhat detail from the viewpoint of variable frequency drive applications, which include dynamic d-q machine models. Complex space vectors have been introduced but avoided in much of the text because, in the author's opinion, they lend to frighten most of the students. Switched reluctance machine has been included for completeness.
Chapters 3 and 4 discuss (he classical phase-controlled thyristor converters and cycloconverters. respectively. For completeness, high frequency link converters are included in Chapter 4.
Chapler 5 covers voltage-fed converters and FWM tech-niques where space vector PWM has been emphasized. More recent topics, such as soft-switching, power factor compensation, multi-level converters, static VAR compensators and active filters are included.
Chapter 6 deals with current-fed converters that include PWM conveners.
Chapter 7 describes slip power recovery drives with wound-rotor induction motors, and mainly consist of Kramer and Schcrbius drives.
Chapter 8 covers control and estimation of cage type induction motor drives which includes discussion on speed sensorless control and drive self-commissioning. Induction motor drive is a dominant theme in the book.
Chapter 9 describes control and estimation of synchronous machine drives that includes sensorless control and a brief description of switched reluctance motor drive.
Chapter 10 gives a brief description of expert system and its applications. In the author's opinion, ES has a lot of potentiality but has been practically ignored by the power electronics community.
Chapter 11 deals with fuzzy logic and its applications, and finally,
Chapler 12 gives description of neural network and its applications. In the author's opinion, the ANN technology will have a large impact on power electronics area in future.
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