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Gube J., Cheung G. MooTools 1.2 Beginner's Guide

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Gube J., Cheung G. MooTools 1.2 Beginner's Guide
Packt Publishing, 2010. - 259 pages. ISBN-10:
1847194583. На англ. языке.
This book is geared towards web developers who have a basic understanding of JavaScript
and the related technologies that are involved with it, namely HTML and CSS. If you're
familiar with a programming or server-side scripting language, code authoring in MooTools
will be very familiar.
The goal of this book is to give you a functional and pragmatic understanding of MooTools
and is not intended for learning JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and concepts such as the DOM and
unobtrusive JavaScript.
This is the first book specifically designed for absolute newcomers to MooTools. It is a
Packt Beginner's Guide, which means it is packed with clear step-by-step instructions for
performing the most useful tasks.
MooTools is an open source, lightweight, modular object-oriented programming JavaScript
web application framework. The goal of the software is to provide a means for intermediate
to advanced web developers to write cross-browser JavaScript in an elegant, flexible,
and efficient fashion. The MooTools JavaScript framework includes built-in functions for
manipulation of CSS, DOM elements, native JavaScript objects, AJAX requests, and more.
You will start learning by 'doing' immediately. As each chapter in the book progresses, the
topics get more complex. First you get to grips with the fundamentals of MooTools including
downloading, installation, and basic syntax. Once you've grasped the basics you learn to
make the most of MooTools' powerful framework. You will learn to bring web pages to life
with animation and create exciting web pages with AJAX. You will also learn to customize
MooTools to suit your own needs by creating your own plug-ins. You will soon be well on the
way to creating web applications and web pages worthy of the Web 2.0 world
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