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Lambert J., Cox J. MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

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Lambert J., Cox J. MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
Microsoft Press-2011. ISBN: 0735648751, 736 p.
Эта книга предназначена, для того чтобы оказать Вам практическую помощь в подготовке к четырем основным Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) экзаменам:
Экзамен 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010
Экзамен 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010
Экзамен 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Экзамен 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010
Вы получите полную и объективную информацию о ваших навыках в овладении Microsoft Office.
Demonstrate your expertise with Microsoft Office 2010! This all-in-one guide is designed to help you practice and prepare for the four core Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams.
With the MOS 2010 Study Guide, you get full, objective-by-objective coverage for:
Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010
Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010
Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010
Use the book’s easy-to-follow procedures and illustrations to review the essential skills measured by the MOS exams. And you can apply what you ve learned hands-on—using the downloadable files for all the books practice tasks.
About the Author
Joan Lambert is the author of more than a dozen books on Windows and Office, including several popular STEP BY STEP titles from Microsoft Press.
Joyce Cox has 20+ years of experience developing training materials on technical subjects for non-technical audiences, specializing in Office and Windows technologies.
Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam.
Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.
Selecting a Certification Path.
Test-Taking Tips.
Certification Benefits.
For More Information.
Using This Book to Study for a Certification Exam.
Features and Conventions of This Book.
Using the Book's Companion Content.
Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010.
Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010.
Exam 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.
Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010.
Modifying the Display of the Ribbon.
Dynamic Ribbon Elements.
Changing the Width of the Ribbon.
Adapting Procedure Steps.
How to Access Your Online Edition Hosted by Safari.
How to Download the Online Edition to Your Computer.
Getting Support and Giving Feedback.
Getting Help with Microsoft Office 2010.
We Want to Hear from You.
Stay in Touch.
Exam 77-881 Microsoft Word 2010.
Selecting Text.
Moving Around in a Document.
Sharing and Maintaining Documents.
Apply Different Views to a Document.
Switching Views.
Modifying the Program Window.
Magnifying Document Content.
Splitting a Document Window.
Displaying Multiple Program Windows.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Protection to a Document.
Marking a Document as Final.
Restricting Formatting and Editing Changes.
Restricting Document Access.
Practice Tasks.
Manage Document Versions.
Practice Tasks.
Share Documents.
Sending Documents.
Saving Documents in Shared Locations.
Publishing Documents as Blog Posts.
Practice Tasks.
Save a Document.
Practice Tasks.
Apply a Template to a Document.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Formatting Content.
Apply Font and Paragraph Attributes.
Applying Character Formatting.
Applying Styles.
Practice Tasks.
Navigate and Search Through a Document.
Moving Around in a Document.
Searching for Content and Formatting.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Indentation and Tab Settings to Paragraphs.
Indenting Paragraphs.
Setting Tab Stops.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Spacing Settings to Text and Paragraphs.
Practice Tasks.
Create Tables.
Creating Basic Tables.
Formatting Tables.
Inserting Preformatted Tables.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Tables in a Document.
Modifying Table Data.
Modifying Table Structure.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Bullets to a Document.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content.
Apply and Manipulate Page Setup Settings.
Controlling Page Settings.
Setting Page Breaks.
Setting Section Breaks.
Flowing Text in Columns.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Themes.
Practice Tasks.
Construct Content in a Document by Using the Quick Parts Tool.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Manipulate Page Backgrounds.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Modify Headers and Footers.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document.
Insert and Format Pictures in a Document.
Inserting Pictures.
Formatting Pictures.
Practice Tasks.
Insert and Format Shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt.
Inserting and Formatting Shapes.
Inserting and Modifying WordArt.
Inserting and Modifying SmartArt Diagrams.
Practice Tasks.
Insert and Format Clip Art.
Practice Tasks.
Apply and Manipulate Text Boxes.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Proofreading Documents.
Validate Content by Using Spelling and Grammar Checking Options.
Practice Tasks.
Configure AutoCorrect Settings.
Practice Tasks.
Insert and Modify Comments in a Document.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Applying References and Hyperlinks.
Apply a Hyperlink.
Inserting Hyperlinks.
Inserting Bookmarks.
Practice Tasks.
Create Endnotes and Footnotes.
Practice Tasks.
Create a Table of Contents.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Performing Mail Merge Operations.
Set Up Mail Merge.
Preparing Source Documents.
Merging Source Documents.
Checking for Errors.
Practice Tasks.
Execute Mail Merge.
Previewing the Results of a Mail Merge Operation.
Completing the Mail Merge Operation.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Exam 77-882 Microsoft Excel 2010.
Managing Worksheets.
Managing Worksheet Content.
Managing Excel Tables.
Managing Data Entries.
Managing the Worksheet Environment.
Navigate Through a Worksheet.
Practice Tasks.
Print a Worksheet or Workbook.
Printing Part or All of a Workbook.
Setting Page Breaks.
Printing Gridlines and Headings.
Printing Page Headers and Footers.
Practice Tasks.
Personalize the Excel Environment.
Managing Program Functionality.
Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.
Managing Workbooks.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Creating Cell Data.
Construct Cell Data.
Pasting Structured Data.
Inserting and Deleting Data.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Auto Fill.
Filling a Data Series.
Copying Data.
Practice Tasks.
Apply and Manipulate Hyperlinks.
Creating Hyperlinks.
Modifying Hyperlinks.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Formatting Cells and Worksheets.
Apply and Modify Cell Formats.
Formatting Cell Content.
Formatting Cell Fills and Borders.
Setting Row Height and Column Width.
Formatting Numbers.
Practice Tasks.
Merge or Split Cells.
Practice Tasks.
Create Row and Column Titles.
Practice Tasks.
Hide or Unhide Rows and Columns.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Page Setup Options for Worksheets.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Apply Cell Styles.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Managing Worksheets and Workbooks.
Create and Format Worksheets.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Window Views.
Freezing and Splitting Windows.
Displaying Multiple Windows.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Workbook Views.
Switching Worksheet Views.
Customizing the Program Window.
Customizing Worksheet Appearance.
Changing the Zoom Level.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Applying Formulas and Functions.
Create Formulas.
Practice Tasks.
Enforce Precedence.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Cell References in Formulas.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Conditional Logic in Formulas.
Creating Conditional Formulas.
Nesting Functions.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Named Ranges in Formulas.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Cell Ranges in Formulas.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Presenting Data Visually.
Create Charts Based on Worksheet Data.
Plotting Charts.
Applying Layouts and Styles.
Moving and Sizing Charts.
Editing Data.
Configuring Chart Elements.
Practice Tasks.
Apply and Manipulate Illustrations.
Inserting and Formatting Clip Art.
Inserting and Modifying SmartArt Diagrams.
Inserting and Formatting Shapes.
Capturing Screenshots.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Modify Images.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Sparklines.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Sharing Worksheet Data with Other Users.
Share Spreadsheets.
Saving Workbooks in Specific Formats.
Sending Workbooks.
Practice Tasks.
Manage Comments.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Analyzing and Organizing Data.
Filter Data.
Practice Tasks.
Sort Data.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Conditional Formatting.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Exam 77-883 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.
Understanding PowerPoint Views.
Moving Around in a Presentation.
Selecting Text.
Managing the PowerPoint Environment.
Adjust Views.
Switching Views.
Zooming In and Out.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate the PowerPoint Window.
Working with Multiple Program Windows.
Sizing Panes in Normal View.
Practice Tasks.
Configure the Quick Access Toolbar.
Practice Tasks.
Configure PowerPoint File Options.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Creating a Slide Presentation.
Construct and Edit Photo Albums.
Creating Photo Albums.
Editing Photo Albums.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Slide Size and Orientation Settings.
Practice Tasks.
Add and Remove Slides.
Inserting New Slides.
Reusing Slides.
Inserting Outlines.
Rearranging Slides.
Deleting Slides.
Hiding Slides.
Practice Tasks.
Format Slides.
Applying and Modifying Themes.
Formatting the Background of Slides.
Inserting Footer Information.
Dividing a Presentation into Sections.
Customizing Slide Masters.
Practice Tasks.
Enter and Format Text.
Entering Text in Text Placeholders.
Entering Text in Independent Text Boxes.
Editing Text.
Formatting Characters and Paragraphs.
Formatting Bulleted and Numbered Lists.
Practice Tasks.
Format Text Boxes.
Changing the Shape of Text Boxes.
Sizing and Positioning Text Boxes.
Aligning Text Boxes.
Formatting Text Boxes.
Adjusting the Text Layout.
Setting Default Formatting.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Working with Graphical and Multimedia Elements.
Manipulate Graphical Elements.
Opening the Format Dialog Box.
Applying Styles, Borders, and Effects.
Sizing and Positioning a Graphic.
Changing the Stacking Order.
Grouping Graphics.
Aligning Graphics.
Linking Graphics to Other Information.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Images.
Cropping Images.
Formatting Images.
Compressing Pictures.
Resetting or Replacing Images.
Practice Tasks.
Modify WordArt and Shapes.
Working with WordArt.
Working with Shapes.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate SmartArt.
Creating Diagrams.
Making Design Changes.
Changing Shapes in Diagrams.
Converting Diagrams to Shapes or Bullet Points.
Practice Tasks.
Edit Video and Audio Content.
Inserting and Editing Video Content.
Inserting and Editing Audio Content.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Creating Charts and Tables.
Construct and Modify Tables.
Inserting Tables and Editing Table Content.
Changing Table Structure.
Formatting Tables.
Inserting and Modifying Excel Worksheets.
Practice Tasks.
Insert and Modify Charts.
Inserting Charts and Editing Chart Data.
Changing the Chart Type and Layout.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Chart Elements.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Chart Layouts.
Selecting Chart Elements.
Sizing and Positioning Elements.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Chart Elements.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Applying Transitions and Animations.
Apply Built-In and Custom Animations.
Applying Built-In Animations.
Applying Fancier Animations.
Copying Animations.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Effect and Path Options.
Fine-Tuning Animation Effects.
Adjusting Motion Paths.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Animations.
Practice Tasks.
Apply and Modify Transitions Between Slides.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Collaborating on Presentations.
Manage Comments in Presentations.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Proofing Tools.
Using AutoCorrect.
Correcting Spelling Mistakes.
Finding and Replacing Text and Fonts.
Using the Thesaurus.
Comparing and Combining Presentations.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Preparing Presentations for Delivery.
Save Presentations.
Practice Tasks.
Share Presentations.
Compressing Media.
Packaging for CD Delivery.
Creating Videos.
Practice Tasks.
Print Presentations.
Previewing and Printing.
Printing Handouts and Notes.
Practice Tasks.
Protect Presentations.
Removing Extraneous Information.
Assigning Passwords.
Marking as Final.
Attaching Digital Signatures.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Delivering Presentations.
Apply Presentation Tools.
Practice Tasks.
Set Up Slide Shows.
Adjusting Slide Show Settings.
Setting Up Presenter View.
Broadcasting Slide Shows.
Creating Custom Slide Shows.
Practice Tasks.
Set Presentation Timing.
Practice Tasks.
Record Presentations.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Exam 77-884 Microsoft Outlook 2010.
Module-Specific Behavior.
Switching Views.
Creating Outlook Items.
Addressing Messages.
Editing and Formatting Message Content.
Managing the Outlook Environment.
Apply and Manipulate Outlook Program Options.
Managing Mail Module Options.
Managing Calendar Module Options.
Managing Contacts Module Options.
Managing Tasks Module Options.
Managing Notes Module and Journal Options.
Managing Language Options.
Managing Advanced Options.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate Item Tags.
Working with Color Categories.
Setting Message Sensitivity and Importance.
Setting Message Properties.
Flagging Items for Follow-Up.
Changing Read Status.
Practice Tasks.
Arrange the Content Pane.
Displaying and Hiding Program Window Panes.
Displaying Module Content.
Displaying List Views.
Modifying List Views.
Working with the Status Bar.
Practice Tasks.
Apply Search and Filter Tools.
Using Instant Search.
Using Search Folders.
Practice Tasks.
Print an Outlook Item.
Printing Items.
Printing Messages.
Printing a Calendar.
Printing Contact Records.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Creating and Formatting Item Content.
Create and Send Email Messages.
Formatting Messages.
Setting Message Options.
Sending Messages.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Manage Quick Steps.
Practice Tasks.
Create Item Content.
Inserting Visual Elements.
Inserting SmartArt Graphics.
Inserting Charts.
Inserting Screen Images.
Modifying Visual Elements.
Creating Hyperlinks.
Practice Tasks.
Format Item Content.
Applying Text and Paragraph Formatting.
Applying and Managing Styles.
Applying and Managing Style Sets.
Applying and Managing Themes.
Practice Tasks.
Attach Content to Email Messages.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Managing Email Messages.
Clean Up the Mailbox.
Managing Mailbox Size.
Managing Conversations.
Saving Messages and Message Attachments.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Manage Rules.
Managing Mail by Using Outlook Rules.
Creating Automatic Reply Rules.
Practice Tasks.
Manage Junk Email.
Working with Junk Email Messages.
Configuring Junk Email Options.
Practice Tasks.
Manage Automatic Message Content.
Creating and Using Automatic Signatures.
Setting a Default Theme, Stationery, and Fonts.
Identifying Response Text.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Managing Contacts.
Create and Manipulate Contacts.
Creating Contact Records.
Creating Electronic Business Cards.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Manipulate Contact Groups.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Managing Calendar Objects.
Create and Manipulate Appointments and Events.
Scheduling Appointments.
Scheduling Events.
Setting Recurrence and Privacy Options.
Working with Appointments and Events.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Manipulate Meeting Requests.
Creating Meeting Requests.
Scheduling Meetings.
Responding to Meeting Requests.
Rescheduling and Canceling Meetings.
Practice Tasks.
Manipulate the Calendar Pane.
Arranging Calendar Content.
Displaying Different Views.
Displaying Multiple Calendars.
Changing Calendar Colors.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
Working with Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries.
Create and Manipulate Tasks.
Creating Tasks.
Displaying Views of Tasks.
Managing Tasks.
Managing Task Details.
Managing Task Assignments.
Finalizing Tasks.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Manipulate Notes.
Creating Notes.
Displaying Views of Notes.
Organizing Notes.
Practice Tasks.
Create and Manipulate Journal Entries.
Activating the Outlook Journal.
Automatically Recording Information.
Editing Journal Entries.
Practice Tasks.
Objective Review.
About the Authors.
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