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Bearden Tom. John Bedini. Free Energy Generation Circuits & Schematics

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Bearden Tom. John Bedini. Free Energy Generation Circuits & Schematics
Then this book is for you—as Free Energy Generation contains the 100 plus page Provisional Patent Application originally filed in 2004 by John Bedini and Tom Bearden, which they have now generously placed into the public domain. This treatise holds nothing back, and includes virtually all they collectively know about negative energy. Included are circuit diagrams, oscilloscope traces, the works!
And as a bonus, Free Energy Generation also contains the re-issue of John Bedini's classic 1984 book—Bedini's Free Energy Generator, a how-to book about building a proven free energy generator, complete with circuit and parts list. This marked one of Tom Bearden and John Bedini's first cooperative ventures, over 20 years ago.
The whole book is generously illustrated with color photographs of John and Tom taken in the Bedini lab over the 20 years, and the classic 1984 Bedini monograph is printed on commemorative antiqued paper.
Free Energy Generation is the perfect practical companion to Tom Bearden's more theoretical Energy from the Vacuum.
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