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The future of theology in Europe. Report on the Consultation of the Theological Faculties in Europe Graz

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The future of theology in Europe. Report on the Consultation of the Theological Faculties in Europe Graz
Austria, 4-7 July 2002. Geneva, 2003. 115 p.
The ecumenical movement and theological education have always been closely related but not always in positive ways! It is in their theological institutions that so much of the confessional identity of the different churches is enshrined, entrusted as they are with the maintenance and handing on from generation to generation of the respective confessional thought and ethos. At times, for all the emphasis in principle upon the need to give students and especially ordinands an awareness of the universal church, in practice too many pastors, educators and church leaders have emerged from their theological formation with no real understanding of other confessions or the human issues which all churches and Christians having to face together in the oikumene, the one inhabited world which God made and loves.
Table of Contents
Rev. Dr. Keith Clements, CEC General Secretary
Report on the Conference Programme
Prof. Dr. Viorel lonita, CEC Study Secretary
The Future of Theology in Europe: Confessional/ Ecumenical/Pluralistic
Dr. Egon Kapellan, Diocesan Bishop of
Graz-Seckau, Austria
Theses on the Future of Theology in Europe
Bärbel Wartenberg-Potter, Bishop of
Holstein-Lübeck, Germany
Theology in Europe
Metropolitan Michael of Austria
Theology and Religious Studies: Sense and Nonsense of a Conflict
Prof. Dr. Konstantin Delikostantis, Greece
Theology/Religious Studies
Prof. Dr. Sven-Erik Brodd, Sweden
"VocationaC'/Academic Education
Prof. Dr. Duncan B. Forrester, Scotland (UK)
On Designing Academic Theological Education
Prof. Dr. Michael Beintker, Germany
Final Declaration
List of participants 108
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