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Helmholtz H. Popular lectures on scientific subjects. 2nd series

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Helmholtz H. Popular lectures on scientific subjects. 2nd series
Longmans, green, and Co. 1908. 308 p.
The favour with which the first series of Professor Helmholtz's Lectures has been received would justify, if a justification were needed, the publication of the present volume.
The article on 'Academic Freedom in German Universities' contains some statements respecting the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to which exception has been taken. These statements were a fair representation of the impression produced on the mind of a foreigner by a state of things which no longer exists in those Universities, at least to the same extent. The reform in the University system, which may be said to date from the year 1854, has brought about so many alterations both in the form and in the spirit of the regulations, that older members of the University have been known to speak of the place as so changed that they could scarcely recognise it. Hence, in respect of this article, I have availed myself of the liberty granted by Professor Helmholtz, and have altogether omitted some passages, and haveslightly modified others, which would convey an erroneous impression of the present state of things. I have also on these points consulted members of the University on whose judgment I think I can rely.
In other articles, where the matter is of prime importance, I have been anxious faithfully to reproduce the original; nor have I in any such cases allowed a regard for form to interfere with the plain duty of exactly rendering the author's meaning.
Gustav Magnus. In Memoriam.
On the origin and significances of geometrical axioms.
On the relation of optics to painting.
On the origin of the planetary system.
On thought in medicine.
On academic freedom in german universities.
Hermann Von Helmholtz. An Autobiographical sketch.
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