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Spiegel M.R., Stephens L.J. Theory and Problems of Statistics

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Spiegel M.R., Stephens L.J. Theory and Problems of Statistics
McGRAW-HILL, 2008, 4th edn.
This fourth edition, completed in 2007, contains new examples, 130 new figures, and output from five computer software packages representative of the hundreds or perhaps thousands of computer software packages that are available for use in statistics. All figures in the third edition are replaced by new and sometimes different figures created by the five software packages: EXCEL, MINITAB, SAS, SPSS, and STATISTIX.
Variables and Graphs.
Frequency Distributions.
The Mean, Median, Mode, and Other Measures of.
Central Tendency.
The Standard Deviation and Other Measures of Dispersion.
Moments, Skewness, and Kurtosis.
Elementary Probability Theory.
The Binomial, Normal, and Poisson Distributions.
Elementary Sampling Theory.
Statistical Estimation Theory.
Statistical Decision Theory.
Small Sampling Theory.
The Chi-Square Test.
Curve Fitting and the Method of Least Squares.
Correlation Theory.
Multiple and Partial Correlation.
Analysis of Variance.
Nonparametric tests.
Statistical Process Control and Process Capability.
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