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Odersky Martin, Spoon Lex, Venners Bill. Programming in Scala

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Odersky Martin, Spoon Lex, Venners Bill. Programming in Scala
2nd Edition. — Artima, 2011. — 852 p. — ISBN-10: 0981531644 ISBN-13: 978-0981531649
Scala is an object-oriented programming language for the Java Virtual Machine. In addition to being object-oriented, Scala is also a functional language, and combines the best approaches to OO and functional programming. In Italian, Scala means a stairway, or steps indeed, Scala lets you step up to a programming environment that incorporates some of the best recent thinking in programming language design while also letting you use all your existing Java code. Artima is very pleased to publish a new edition of the best-selling book on Scala, written by the designer of the language, Martin Odersky. Co-authored by Lex Spoon and Bill Venners, this book takes a step-by-step tutorial approach to teaching you Scala. Starting with the fundamental elements of the language, Programming in Scala introduces functional programming from the practitioner's perspective, and describes advanced language features that can make you a better, more productive developer.
List of Figures.
List of Tables.
List of Listings.
Foreword to the First Edition.
A Scalable Language.
First Steps in Scala.
Next Steps in Scala.
Classes and Objects.
Basic Types and Operations.
Functional Objects.
Built-in Control Structures.
Functions and Closures.
Control Abstraction.
Composition and Inheritance.
Scala’s Hierarchy.
Packages and Imports.
Assertions and Unit Testing.
Case Classes and Pattern Matching.
Working with Lists.
Stateful Objects.
Type Parameterization.
Abstract Members.
Implicit Conversions and Parameters.
Implementing Lists.
For Expressions Revisited.
The Scala Collections API.
The Architecture of Scala Collections.
Working with XML.
Modular Programming Using Objects.
Object Equality.
Combining Scala and Java.
Actors and Concurrency.
Combinator Parsing.
GUI Programming.
The SCells Spreadsheet.
A. Scala Scripts on Unix and Windows.
About the Authors.
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