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Boggs Jr. Sam. Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks

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Boggs Jr. Sam. Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks
2nd edition. — Cambridge University Press, 2009. — 612 p. — ISBN 9780521897167.
This book emphasizes the properties of sedimentary rocks rather than sedimentary processes. Thus, it focuses on description and discussion of mineralogic and chemical composition, as well as the textures and sedimentary structures that characterize sedimentary rocks. Further, it discusses application of insights derived from study of rock properties to interpretation of their origin, including provenance (sediment source), depositional environments, and diagenesis. Part I of the book deals with basic principles related to the origin, classification and occurrence of sedimentary rocks. Part II describes and discusses the siliciclastic sedimentary rocks such as sandstones. Part III
describes the carbonate sedimentary rocks (e.g. limestones), and Part IV discusses other chemical sedimentary rocks and carbonaceous sedimentary rocks such as oil shales. The book is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students; however, professional geologists may also find the book useful.
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