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Black J. A Military History of Britain From 1775 to the Present

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Black J. A Military History of Britain From 1775 to the Present
London: Greenwood Publishing Group, 2006, - 191 р.
Отзыв редактора - Reed Business Information (c) 2007
Although the subtitle indicates this book's eventual focus, Black (history, Exeter Univ. ; The British Seaborne Empire) begins this concise and comprehensive military history with an overview going back to the Roman invasion of Britain in 55 and 54 B.C.E. The book is organized into three parts: Britain as "imperial parent" (through 1775), as "imperial rival" (1775-1904), and as "imperial partner" (from 1904). The first part deals with Britain's maritime tradition, its relatively small army, and its growing struggle with France. The second part begins with the War for American Independence, covers the rise of Napoleon, and ends with the ascendancy of Great Britain as the master of imperialism. The third part concentrates on the role of Britain as imperial partner in the 20th century and the challenges contained therein: the retraction of Britain's Far Eastern policies, its membership in NATO, and modern conflicts from the Falklands to Iraq. Black presents new perspectives on his subject (since military history cannot be studied in a vacuum) and thus challenges established assumptions (e.g. , that the Crimean failures were owing simply to aging generals). His discussion of military history as an interrelated part of the nation's history is most enlightening. Recommended. -David Lee Poremba, Haines City P.L. , FL
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