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Cooper D., Grey S., Raymond G., Walker P. Project Risk Management Guidelines. Managing Risk in Large Projects and Complex Procurements

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Cooper D., Grey S., Raymond G., Walker P. Project Risk Management Guidelines. Managing Risk in Large Projects and Complex Procurements
John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2005, 401 с.
ISBN 0-470-02281-7
This book describes the philosophy, principles, practices and techniques for managing risk
in projects and procurements, with a particular focus on complex or large-scale project
activities. The approaches contained here may also be applied to simple purchases of goods
and services, although with considerable simplification.
Managing risk in projects is important to:
managers, because it improves the basis for making decisions to meet operational
requirements and achieve project and programme objectives;
project staff, because it helps to identify things that can go wrong in the project process
and offers ways to address them effectively;
end users, because it contributes to satisfying needs and achieving value for money in
acquiring major assets and capabilities;
suppliers and contractors, because a sensible approach to risk in projects leads to better
planning and better outcomes for sellers as well as buyers;
financiers, who must ensure they obtain a financial reward commensurate with the risks
involved; and
insurers, who require comfort that risks are being managed prudently within the project
prior to determining whether and how much to charge for financing residual risks.
- The basics of project risk management
The project risk management approach
Establish the context
Risk identification
Qualitative risk assessment
Semi-quantitative risk assessment
Risk treatment
Monitoring and review
Communication and reporting
Project processes and plans
Simplifying the process
Managing opportunities
Other approaches to project risk management
- Extending the basic process
Case study: tender evaluation
Contracts and risk allocation
Market testing and outsourcing
Public–private partnerships and private financing
Technical tools and techniques
Introduction to environmental risk management
- Quantification of project risks
Introduction to quantification for project risks
Cost-estimating case studies
Case study: planning a timber development
Capital evaluation for large resource projects
Risk analysis and economic appraisal
- Additional information and supporting material
Risk management process checklist
Worksheets and evaluation tables
Examples of risks and treatments
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