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Ashizawa Kazuko. Basic Japanese through Comics

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Ashizawa Kazuko. Basic Japanese through Comics
Mangajin, Inc., 1993. — 158 c.
These books present some very basic words and phrases, along with some that are not usually considered "basic" at all - but the Mangajin method can make even advanced material accessible to students at all levels.Frames from authentic Japanese manga ("comics") are used to illustrate every point, with English translations and notes allowing the basic beginner to understand material that might otherwise stump even advanced students.
Basic Japanese through Comics is not intended as a textbook, but rather as an entertaining supplement to a more structured study of Japanese. The 48 "lessons" in these books ara a compilation of the basic Japanese column from Mangajin magazine; they do not build on each other, so they can be read or studied in any order. The presented material shows all the nuances of speech such as social context, body language, and situational actors; improves understanding not just of the language, but of the people who speak it.
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