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Gardan Y. Mathematics and CAD: Numerical Methods for CAD

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Gardan Y. Mathematics and CAD: Numerical Methods for CAD
The MIT Press, 1985. - 170 pages.
The use of computer-aided design (CAD) systems always involves the introduction of mathematical concepts. It is important, therefore, for any systems designer to have a good grasp of the mathematical bases used in CAD. This book introduces mathematical bases in a general way, so as to allow the reader to understand the basic tools. Based on the-work of leading French researchers, it gives a clear outline of the mathematical concepts employed in setting up a CAD system that uses interactive graphic techniques. It deals thoroughly with basic graphics, two- and three-dimensional operations, as well as considering mathematical modeling in relation to geometric modeling. It also examines curves and surfaces, numerical methods of solving equations and finite element modeling, one of the many CAD design tools available today. Contents: Part 1: Basic Problems Using Graphics. Part 2: Curves and Surfaces. Part 3: Numerical Methods for Solving Equation Systems. Part 4: The Finite Element Model. Yvon Gardan, who is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Metz, is a wellknown authority on interactive graphic techniques, and is the author of Interactive Graphics in CAD. He is also director of the CADCAM Association of France (MICADO).
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