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El-Rabbany A. Introduction to GPS

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El-Rabbany A. Introduction to GPS
The book also addresses more recent issues such as the modernization of GPS and the proposed European satellite navigation system known as Galileo. As well, the book emphasizes GPS applications, which will bene fit not only the GPS users but also the GPS marketing and sales personnel.
Chapter 1 of the book introduces the GPS system and its components. Chapter 2 examines the GPS signal structure, the GPS modernization, and the key types of the GPS measurements. An in-depth discussion of the errors and biases that affect the GPS measurements, along with suggestions on how to overcome them, is presented in Chapter
3. Datums, coordinate systems, and map projections are discussed in a simple manner in Chapter 4, offering a clear understanding of this widely misunderstood area. Chapters 5 and 6 address the various modes of GPS positioning and the issue of the ambiguity resolution of the carrier-phase easurements. The various GPS services available on the market and the standard formats used for the various types of GPS data are presented in Chapters 7 and
8. Chapter 9 focuses on the integration of the GPS with other systems. The GPS applications in the various fields are given in Chapter
10. The book ends with Chapter 11, which covers the other satellite navigation systems developed
or proposed in different parts of the world.
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