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Dukkipati R.V. Numerical Methods

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Dukkipati R.V. Numerical Methods
New Age International, 2010. - 369 pages.
This book is designed as an introductory undergraduate or graduate course for mathematics, science and engineering students of all disciplines. The text covers all major aspects of numerical methods, including numerical computations, matrices and linear system of equations, solution of algebraic and transcendental equations, finite differences and interpolation, curve fitting, correlation and regression, numerical differentiation and integration, and numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. The book continues to maintain a student-friendly approach and numerical problem solving orientation. Presentations are limited to very basic topics to serve as an introduction to advanced topics in those areas of discipline. The purpose of the book is to present the principles and concepts of numerical methods as relevant to student learning. Some of the salient features of the book are:
Lucid style.
Easy to understand methodology.
Coverage of all course fundamentals.
Clarity in the presentation of concepts.
Over 175 fully-solved problems with step-by-step solutions.
Over 350 additional practice problems with complete answers.
The numerous worked examples and unsolved exercise problems are intended to provide the reader with an awareness of the general applicability of principles and concepts of numerical methods. An extensive bibliography to guide the student to further sources of information on numerical methods topics covered in this book is provided at the end of the book. Answers to all end-of chapter problems are given at the end of the book.
Table of Contents:
Linear ystem of Equations.
Solution of Algebraic nd Transcendental Equations.
Numerical Differentiation.
Curve Fitting.
Numerical Integration.
Numerical Solution of Ordinary ifferential Equations.
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