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Saka H. Introduction to phase diagrams in materials science and engineering

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Saka H. Introduction to phase diagrams in materials science and engineering
World Scientific Publishing, 2019 - 177p.
Understanding phase diagrams is a hard task for most MSEs. The audience of this book is two-fold. The rst group is young MSEs, who start learning phase diagrams and are supposed to become specialists as MSEs. The other group are those who were trained in elds other than materials science and engineering but engage in research and/or development of materials after they are employed.
For the rst group it is crucial to get accustomed to handling \diagrams (often very complex)" of \phase diagram", which they had never come across
in their previous career. The second group must cope with phase diagrams by literally \on-the-job training". In this book the essence of phase diagrams is presented in a reader-friendly manner.
Phase diagram is based on thermodynamics, or rather thermodynamics itself. Therefore, phase diagram is to be taught based on thermodynamics in
principle. However, for both beginners and on-the-job trainees this teaching method is too dicult a task. Elements of thermodynamics necessary to
understand phase diagrams is briefly described.
Ternary phase diagrams is far more complex than binary phase diagram. For this reason, a ternary phase diagram is nowadays less
and less taught. However, in ceramics and semiconductors the ternary phase diagrams become more and more important. Recent software provides necessary information to handle ternary phase diagrams. However, needless to say, without fundamental knowledge of ternary phase diagrams it is
impossible to understand ternary phase diagrams correctly. In this book ternary phase diagrams are presented in a completely original way, with
many diagrams in full colour.
Equilibrium phase dagrams
General theory
Binary aloys in equilibrium state
Deviation from equilibrium in natural cooling of bBinary alloys
Heat treatment of alloys
Aging and precipitation in aluminum alloys
Heat treatment in steels
Thermodynamics of binary phase diagrams
Equilibrium between different phases
Thermodynamics of nucleation
Ternary phase siagram
Fundamentals of ternary phase diagrams
Relatively simple ternary systems
Complex ternary systems
Ternary systems containing intermetallic compound
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