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Bayliss D.A., Deacon D.H. Steelwork Corrosion Control

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Bayliss D.A., Deacon D.H. Steelwork Corrosion Control
2nd Edition. — Spon Press, 2002. — 415 p. — ISBN 0-415-26101-5.
Engineers on major building projects continue to echo the sentiment that "painting amounts to 10% of the job, but provides 90% of the problems". This second edition of Steelwork Corrosion Control provides sound advice and authoritative guidance on the principles involved and methods of achieving sound steel protection.
Taking into account the considerable developments in the paint protection industry, Steelwork Corrosion Control has been comprehensively updated to include new materials and coating systems, and the number of new ISO / BS / European standards and codes of practice on paints and painting, health and safety, and environmental issues. It is a must-have guide for engineers, architects and designers for whom the protection of structural steelwork is an important, albeit relatively minor, part of their professional activities. David Deacon is the President Elect of the Institute of Corrosion and a Fellow of FTCS (Fellowship of Technical Service Coating). Derek Bayliss is a Past President of the Institute of Corrosion and has served as Chairman of BS 5493 (concerned with coating strucures against corrosion).
The Corrosion of Steel
Surface Preparation
Paints and Paint Coatings
Paint Application
Specialist Coatings and Applications
Metal Coatings
Quality Control of Coating Operations
Designing for Corrosion Control
Maintenance Painting
Control Methods other than Coatings
Coating Defects and Failures
The Selection of Coating Systems
Protective Systems for Different Situations
Testing of Coatings.
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