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Lazzari L. Engineering Tools for Corrosion: Design and Diagnosis

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Lazzari L. Engineering Tools for Corrosion: Design and Diagnosis
Woodhead Publishing /Elsevier, 2017. — 185 p. — (European Federation of Corrosion Publications Number 68). — ISBN 978-0-08-102424-9.
This book is part of a series of books published by the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC).
European Federation of Corrosion was founded in 1955 with the purpose of promoting European co-operation in the fields of research into corrosion and corrosion prevention.
Engineering Tools for Corrosion: Design and Diagnosis proposes models and equations derived from theory. It includes discussions of the estimation of main corrosion parameters for corrosion rate, electrochemical constraints, thresholds limits and initiation time. The algorithms proposed are the conjugation of theory and engineering practice resulting from research and professional activities carried out by the author for almost four decades.
Key Features:
Presents a rational approach to the corrosion prediction and evaluation dilemma
Illustrates new models and algorithms for quantitative estimation of corrosion related factors and parameters
Includes the design and interpretation of accelerated corrosion tests.
Readership: Corrosion engineers, materials scientists, researchers in the areas of oil and gas, chemical and refinery, industrial plants.
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