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Brain Alun. Statistical analysis in Excel and Python

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Brain Alun. Statistical analysis in Excel and Python
Independently published, 2020. — 227 p. — ASIN B0881W9S1V.
This book has been developed using a working knowledge of teaching statistics in the workplace. It recognises that, in everyday business, analysts use a mixture of software tools. The book is for both the applied statistician/analyst/decision scientist who has just started on their journey and the one who needs complimentary material for their studying. There is no presumption of previous knowledge and the book includes all the core skills needed to empower you with a strong foundation in the application of statistics. The book then builds on these techniques and will allow you to develop an advanced understanding or how Excel and Python can be used intelligently and effectively in the workplace. As part of the journey, there are work-through examples with clear instructions and screenshots to enable you to practise your skills as you develop them. The ultimate goal? For you to gain confidence in your work, pose the appropriate questions and provide clear, concise, accurate solutions to workplace problems. With supporting material on www.drbrainstats.com this isn’t just another textbook but a chance for you to learn and grow your understanding through a very hands-on approach to data and analytics. This book also provides an introductory level in Excel covering: - Averages - T-tests - If statements - Pivot tables - Chi-square -CHAID decision tree A well as providing an introductory level to programming covering; -Creating simple statistics - Importing data - Data frames -Data manipulation - Joining data frames - Analysis and MI reporting - Simple linear regression - General linear model - Logistic regression - Basic graphs All supporting material is available from www.drbrainstats.com such as: - Excel sheets - programs - data.
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