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Solé D., Fernandez I. (ed.) Advances in Transition-Metal Mediated Heterocyclic Synthesis

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Solé D., Fernandez I. (ed.) Advances in Transition-Metal Mediated Heterocyclic Synthesis
Academic Press, 2018. — 362 p. — ISBN: 978-0-12-811651-7
Advances in Transition-Metal Mediated Heterocyclic Synthesis provides an overview of recent catalytic reactions involving transition metals to produce heterocyclic compounds. The book is organized according to the type of transformation used to achieve the synthesis of the heterocyclic systems (mainly aza- and oxa-heterocycles). As such, it covers recent applications on the synthesis of heterocycles, also describing the details of the novel transformations in a didactic manner to motivate readers in search of new catalytic processes. The editors have included state-of-the-art strategies, including transition-metal reactions involving unsaturated systems (reactions of allenes, new gold(I)-catalyzed reactions, and Prins reaction).
Chapters highlight the versatility of organopalladium chemistry dealing with carbonylative transformations, C-H activation reactions, coupling processes, and the control of the ambiphilic character of organopalladium species. Finally, the book discusses new reactions leading to heterocycles based on C-H activation processes catalyzed by other metals (Rh, Ru, Co).
Written by an outstanding team of authors who are leading experts in organometallic chemistry and organic synthesis, this book is a valuable resource not only for chemists mainly focused on synthesis, but also for those interested in reaction mechanisms involving transition metals.
Metal-mediated synthesis of non-aromatic oxacycles from allenols
Pedro Almendros and Benito Alcaide
Intramolecular diamination of alkenes
Kilian Muniz
Synthesis of heterocycles by palladium-catalyzed carbonylative reactions
Bartolo Gabriele
Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds based on transition-metal-catalyzed carbene coupling reactions
Jianbo Wang
Synthesis of heterocycles with iron salts as sustainable metal catalysts
Juan I. Padrón
Allene aziridinations as a tool for the synthesis of complex amines
Jennifer M. Schomaker
Zinc-mediated synthesis of heterocycles
Ruben Vicente
Controlling selectivities in palladium-catalyzed cyclization reactions leading to heterocycles: From ambiphilic reactions of arylpalladium species to carbene
Israel Fernández and Daniel Solé
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