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Rabie M.G. Fluid Power Engineering

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Rabie M.G. Fluid Power Engineering
McGraw-Hill, 2009. — XXII, 420 p. — ISBN: 978-0-07-162606-4.
Design, operate, and maintain fluid and pneumatic power equipment using the expert information contained in this authoritative volume. Fluid Power Engineering presents a comprehensive approach to hydraulic systems engineering with a solid grounding in hydrodynamic theory. The book explains how to create accurate mathematical models, select and assemble components, and integrate powerful servo valves and actuators. You will also learn how to build low-loss transmission lines, analyze system performance, and optimize efficiency.
Work with hydraulic fluids, pumps, gauges, and cylinders.
Design transmission lines using the lumped parameter model.
Minimize power losses due to friction, leakage, and line resistance.
Construct and operate accumulators, pressure switches, and filters.
Develop mathematical models of electrohydraulic servosystems.
Convert hydraulic power into mechanical energy using actuators.
Precisely control load displacement using HSAs and control valves.
Apply fluid systems techniques to pneumatic power systems.
Introduction to Hydraulic Power Systems.
Hydraulic Oils and Theoretical Background.
Hydraulic Transmission Lines.
Hydraulic Pumps.
Hydraulic Control Valves.
Hydraulic Actuators.
Hydraulic Servo Actuators.
Electrohydraulic Servovalve Technology.
Modeling and Simulation of Electrohydraulic Servosystems.
Introduction to Pneumatic Systems.
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