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Setton R., Bernier P., Lefrant S. (Eds.) Carbon Molecules and Materials

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Setton R., Bernier P., Lefrant S. (Eds.) Carbon Molecules and Materials
CRC Press; Taylor & Francis Group, 2002. — 493 p. — ISBN-13 978-1-4822-6313-8.
The unexpected recent discovery and synthesis of a new form of elemental carbon has initiated an abundance of papers on all aspects of the chemistry and physics of the carbon family. Carbon Molecules and Materials takes stock of the current understanding of these various solid forms and, more particularly, of the diamond, graphite and fullerenes. After a historical background on the main properties of the element and on the latest discoveries in the field of fullerene, the chapters review the chemical and physical aspects of the allotropic forms. It describes the various properties such as thermodynamic, chemical, structural, electronic, electrical, optical and magnetic, and discusses current and potential applications.
Written by scientists active in physical and chemical research on the various forms of carbon and closely related fields, the book presents a wealth of information on data and results for students and researchers interested in materials science and in the applications of advanced materials.
Carbon, a fundamental element for research and its applications
The polymorphism of solid carbons
Carbon chemical species in extraterrestrial media
Structure, texture, and thermal behaviour of polyaromatic solids
Sheets, cones, balls and tubes
Structure and bonding in solid state fullerene phases
Carbons: Their electronic structure and magnetic resonances
Electronic structure of the solid fonns of carbon
Vibrational properties of carbon in the solid state
Optical properties of the allotropic forms of carbon
Crystallochemistry of intercalation in the crystalline forms of carbon
The superconductivity of carbon derivatives
Diamond and related materials
Applications of carbons
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