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Inamuddin, Boddula R., Asiri A.M. (Eds.) Potassium-ion Batteries: Materials and Applications

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Inamuddin, Boddula R., Asiri A.M. (Eds.) Potassium-ion Batteries: Materials and Applications
Wiley-Scrivener, 2020. — 421 p. — ISBN 9781119661399.
Battery technology is constantly changing, and the concepts and applications of these changes are rapidly becoming increasingly more important as more and more industries and individuals continue to make “greener” choices in their energy sources. As global dependence on fossil fuels slowly wanes, there is a heavier and heavier importance placed on cleaner power sources and methods for storing and transporting that power. Battery technology is a huge part of this global energy revolution.
Potassium-ion batteries were first introduced to the world for energy storage in 2004, over two decades after the invention of lithium-ion batteries. Potassium-ion (or “K-ion”) batteries have many advantages, including low cost, long cycle life, high energy density, safety, and reliability. Potassium-ion batteries are the potential alternative to lithium-ion batteries, fueling a new direction of energy storage research in many applications and across industries.
Potassium-ion Batteries: Materials and Applications explores the concepts, mechanisms, and applications of the next-generation energy technology of potassium-ion batteries. Also included is an in-depth overview of energy storage materials and electrolytes. This is the first book on this technology and serves as a reference guide for electrochemists, chemical engineers, students, research scholars, faculty, and R&D professionals who are working in electrochemistry, solid-state science, material science, ionics, power sources, and renewable energy storage fields.
Phosphorous-Based Materials for K-Ion Batteries
Antimony-Based Electrodes for Potassium Ion Batteries
K-Ion Battery Practical Application Toward Grid-Energy Storage
Mn-Based Materials for K-Ion Batteries
Electrode Materials for K-Ion Batteries and Applications
Active Materials for Flexible K-Ion Batteries
Hollow Nanostructures for K-Ion Batteries
Polyanion Materials for K-Ion Batteries
Fundamental Mechanism and Key Performance Factor in K-Ion Batteries
Fabrication of the Components of K-Ion Batteries: Material Selection and the Cell Assembly Techniques Toward the Higher Battery Performance
MXenes for K-Ion Batteries
Metal Sulfides for K-Ion Batteries
Electrodes for Potassium Oxygen Batteries
Ti-Based Materials for K-Ion Batteries
Newborn Electrodes for K-Ion Batteries
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