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Wichterle K., Vecer M. Transport and Surface Phenomena

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Wichterle K., Vecer M. Transport and Surface Phenomena
Elsevier, 2020. — 302 p. — ISBN 978-0-12-818994-8.
This book provides an overview of the key transfers taking place in reactions and explores how calculations of momentum, energy and mass transfers can help researchers develop the most appropriate, cost effective solutions to chemical problems. Beginning with a thorough overview of the nature of transport phenomena, the book goes on to explore balances in transport phenomena, including key equations for assessing balances, before concluding by outlining mathematical methods for solving the transfer equations. Drawing on the experience of its expert authors, it is an accessible introduction to the field for students, researchers and professionals working in chemical engineering.
The book and is also ideal for those in related fields such as physical chemistry, energy engineering, and materials science, for whom a deeper understanding of these interactions could enhance their work.
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