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White Gregory G., King Thomas F. The Archaeological Survey Manual

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White Gregory G., King Thomas F. The Archaeological Survey Manual
Routledge, 2016. — 196 p.
Governmental guidelines have forced a dramatic change in the practice of archaeological surveying in recent decades. In response to public and private development, surveying is needed to accurately inventory the cultural resources of a region and provide guidance for their preservation and management. Greg White and Tom King provide a handy introduction to students, field novices, and land managers on the strategies, methods, and logic of contemporary survey work. In addition to providing the legal and historical context for this endeavor the book provides a heavily illustrated, practical guide to conducting a survey to help beginners understand how it works in practice. This volume is perfect for an archaeological methods class, field school, or reference collection.
Gregory G. White is director of the Archaeological Research Program at California State University, Chico, and a member of the board of the Society for California Archaeology.
Thomas F. King is one of the leading consultants in cultural resource managemnet in the United States. He runs workshops for SWCA Environmental Consultants, has authored five major books in the field, and is a former member of the Advisory Council of Historic Preservation.
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