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Maheswaramma K.S., Chugh M. Engineering Chemistry

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Maheswaramma K.S., Chugh M. Engineering Chemistry
Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd., 2017. — 859 p. — ISBN 978-93-325-7118-1.
Chemistry, as a basic science, plays a vital role in making a foundation for engineering students and ensuring security by shaping a fruitful superstructure for their entire career.
A comprehensive knowledge of fundamental chemistry is essential for promising and sustainable future. Chemistry plays a leading role in shaping the future of research and development with the integration of multidisciplinary fields such as life sciences, material science, medicine, engineering and technology.
Engineering Chemistry text book is exclusively designed for the needs of undergraduate students of all disciplines of science, engineering and technology. This book is designed based on the syllabi of various universities and autonomous colleges of India. Hence, this book highly recommended for both graduate and under graduate students of science, engineering and technology. This book introduces the fundamental concepts in a simple and illustrative manner. This book can also be a useful as selflearning guide for students as well as teachers to teach in a highly practical way
Brief Contents
Water Technology
Fuels and Combustion
Alternate Energy Resources
Electrochemistry and Batteries
Science of Corrosion
Chemistry of Engineering Materials
Phase Rule
Surface Chemistry
Metals in Biological System
Organometallic Compounds
Coordination Chemistry
Structure and Reactivity of Organic and Inorganic Molecules
Thermal Analysis
Solid State and X-Ray Diffraction
Green Chemistry
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