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Xu B., Li H.Y. (eds.) Energy Material, Chemical Engineering and Mining Engineering

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Xu B., Li H.Y. (eds.) Energy Material, Chemical Engineering and Mining Engineering
Durnten-Zurich: Trans Tech Publications, 2012. — 195 p. — Volume 577 of Advanced Materials Research. — ISSN print 1022-6680, ISSN cd 1022-6680, ISSN web 1662-8985.
Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2012 International Conference on Energy Material, Chemical Engineering and Mining Engineering (EMCEM2012), September 15-16, 2012, Wuhan, China.
Preface and Committees
Energy Materials and Material Applications with Analysis of Material Properties
Study on Biomass Energy Materials - Briquetting Fuel and its Applications in Power Generation. Y.L. Li and Z.W. Wang
Finite Element Analysis of Energy Saving Jointing Method Base on Energy Materials: Clinching. J.C. Zheng, X.C. He, J.N. Xu, K. Zeng, Y.F. Ding and Y.B. Hu
Design of Test Device for Carbon Dioxide Absorbents as Energy Materials Based on Pressure Sensor and Temperature Sensor. B. Shao, Q.H. Yu and X.H. Li
Study of Improving Cleanness on Master Alloy of Energy Material. D.G. Zhao, X.J. Cui, S.H. Wang and L. Chen
Study on CO2 Emission Constraint Based on New Energy Materials for Generation Permits Trade. N. He, Z.F. Tan, S.X. Wang and Y. Hou
Magnetic Properties and Glass Forming Ability of Fe-B-Y-Nb-Zr Bulk Metallic Glasses. S.X. Wang and Z.Y. Wu
Environmental Performance of Fluorite Used to Catalyze MgO Reduction in Pidgeon Process. F.L. Han, Q.X. Yang, L.E. Wu, S.W. Guo and Y. Jiang
Study on Low-Temperature Oxidation’s Endothermic Character of Coal with Comparative-Oxidation Method. C. Lu, Y.Q. Liang and H.H. Li
Thermodynamic Research of Inclusion Forming in FeSiB Alloy Based on Energy Materials. D.G. Zhao, X.J. Cui, S.H. Wang and H.J. Zhang
Neural Model of the Producing Process for Predicting Filtration Properties of Melt Blowing Nonwovens. B. Zhao
An Analysis on Energy-Saving Generation Dispatch Considering Carbon Emission Limitation and the Development of New Energy Materials. N. He, Z.F. Tan and J.Q. An
Tribological Behavior of Ball-Milled Expanded Graphite/B Powders in a High-Energy Mill. Y.S. Li
Chemical Engineering
Preparation and Properties of Magnesium Based Hydrogen Storage Alloy Mg2NiH4 in Chemical Engineering. L.L. Liu, J.J. Xin and F. Ma
Effect of Stabilizer and Molding Technics in Chemical Engineering on the Stabilization of Sulfate Rich Soil. X.X. Deng, L. Dai and X. Huang
Determination of β -Sitosterol with Chemical Course and Material Applications in Jatropha Seed Oil by High Performance Liquid Chromatography. S.Y. Liu and A. Maihemuti
A Kinetic Study on the Degradation of Erythromycin A in Acetone Solution with Chemical Technology. S.Y. Liu and J.W. Zhu
Extraction of Phytosterols from Jatropha Seed Oil by the Saponification and Acid Hydrolysis Method in Chemical Engineering. S.Y. Liu, H. Lu, X. Guo, L.J. Sun and S.Y. Ge
The Application of ZR-Catalyst on Synthesis of Polyethylene in Chemical Engineering. D.M. Zhao and X.P. Liu
The Research of Active Carbon on the Application of N-propyl Alcohol Reaction in Chemical Engineering. D.M. Zhao and X.P. Liu
The Study of Dimethyl Maleate CP Synthesis by Strong Acid Cation Type in Chemical Engineering. D.M. Zhao and X.P. Liu
The Study of Epoxidation of Allyl Chloride Catalyzed by Silica-Based HTMS-3A in Chemical Engineering. D.M. Zhao and X.P. Liu
The Study of Iron Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesis in Chemical Engineering. D.M. Zhao and X.P. Liu
The Study of Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) Synthesis by Acetone in Chemical Engineering. D.M. Zhao and X.P. Liu
Preparative Separation of Xanthophylls from Corn Gluten Meal by Macoroporous Adsorption Resins in Biochemical Engineering. M. Huang, L.Z. Jiang and Y.F. Wei
Effect of Antimony on the Corrosion Resistance of Steel in Acid Solution with High Chloride Concentration. S. Chen, G.M. Li, X.Y. Wang and X.Q. Chen
The Discharge Characteristics of PEO Films in K2ZrF6 with NaH2PO4 Electrolyte. W. Fu, L. Wang and L. Chen
Purification and Biochemical Characterization of Trypsin Inhibitor from Oyster. Y.H. Zhao, M.Y. Zeng and X. Li
Mining Engineering
Fatigue Life Prediction of Buckling String with Cracks in Horizontal Wells of Mining Engineering. P. Wang, T. Yan, X.L. Bi and S.H. Sun
Analysis on the Influence Factors of Well Deviation in Gas Drilling. S.H. Sun, T. Yan, X.L. Bi and P. Wang
Research and Application of Technical Pipe String with Integrating Layered Gas Production in Oil Production Engineering of Mining Engineering. S.H. Huang
Development and Research on Multi-Functional Sucker-Rod Pump Lifting Simulation Experiment System in Oil Mining Engineering. H. Zhou
Investigation of High Pressure Water Jet with Hydraulic Reaming Drainage Radius for Coal Seam Mining. Y.J. Zhang, X.Z. Meng and J.J. Cao
A Review on Reagents and Processes of Fine-Grained Cassiterite Flotation in Mining Engineering. S.Q. Liu, M. Zhang, W.P. Wang and B.X. Song
Study on the Technique to Control Heat-Damage in Mine. K. Zhang, J.S. Shang, B. Tang and P.Y. Guo
The Study of Numerical Simulation about Roadway Bolting and Reinforcement to Jointed Rock Mass. Z.Q. Kang, S.H. Yan and Q. Yan
Effect of Pore Pressure Variation on Borehole Stability of Drilling in Sandstone Reservoir. Y.W. Li, J. Liu, C.Y. Hu, S. Li and Y. Liu
The Effect of Technological Parameter on the Co-liquefaction of Coal with Lignin. Q.J. Tang and Z.H. Wang
A Study for Piping Phenomenon of the Different Graded Sands on Slope in Mining Engineering of Civil Construction. T.H. Chang, Y.H. Tang and N.C. Tung
Numerical Analysis of the Recovery Rate Influence with Stowing Roadway Mining in Daizhuang Shengjian Coal Mine. C.S. Li, J.H. Yu, Y.Y. An and A.Q. Li
Magnetic Separation to Recover Iron Minerals from Flotation Tailings. S.Q. Liu, X. Tong, J. Yang and J.G. You
Beneficiation of a Low Grade Titanomagnetite Ore in Mining Engineering. S.Q. Liu, W.P. Wang, J. Yang and J.G. You
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