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Knott E.F. et al. Radar Cross Section

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Knott E.F. et al. Radar Cross Section
Second Edition
Radar cross section defined in simple terms for even novices.
Shows how the RCS of targets can be predicted and measured.
Describes the design, operation and characteristics of indoor and outdoor RCS test ranges.
Presents examples of measured RCS patterns for a selection of large and small test objects.
Discusses target shaping and design, evaluation, and selection of absorption materials.
This is the Second Edition of the first and foremost book on this subject for self-study, training, and course work.
Radar Systems.
RCS Phenomenology.
Absorbing Materials.
Basic Definitions.
Radar Fundamentals.
History of Radar Development.
Radar Frequency Bands.
Radar System Fundamentals.
The Radar Range Equation.
Radar Detection.
Radar System Performance Examples.
Electronic Countermeasures.
Physics and Overview of Electromagnetic Scattering.
Radar Cross Section Definition.
Fundamental Scattering Mechanisms.
Scattering Regimes.
Electromagnetic Theory.
Exact Prediction Techniques.
Classical Modal Solutions.
Integral Equation Solutions.
Phenomenology: Surface Currents, Near Fields, and Imaging.
Differential Equation Solutions.
Comparisons with High-Frequency Solutions.
High-Frequency RCS Prediction Techniques.
Geometric Optics.
Physical Optics.
Geometrical Theory of Diffraction.
A Uniform Asymptotic Theory.
The Method of Equivalent Currents.
The Physical Theory of Diffraction.
The Incremental Length Diffraction Coefficient.
The Surface Traveling Wave.
Phenomenological Examples of Radar Cross Section.
Specular Scattering.
Surface Waves.
Complex Shapes.
Natural Targets.
Radar Cross Section Reduction.
The Four Basic Methods of RCSR.
The RCSR Numbers Game.
Radar Absorbing Materials.
Electromagnetic Loss Mechanisms.
Specular Scattering from Dielectric Multilayers.
Dielectric Multilayer Absorber Design and Performance.
Circuit Analog RAM and Frequency-Selective Surfaces.
Magnetic RAM.
Hybrid RAM and Radar Absorbing Structures.
Nonspecular RAM.
Radar Absorber Measurement Techniques.
Transmission Line Theory.
Transmission Line Measurements.
Free-Space Methods.
Other Methods.
Antenna RCS and RCSR.
Scattering Fundamentals.
Antenna Scattering Characteristics.
Antenna RCSR.
RCS Measurement Requirements.
Measurement Objectives.
Types of RCS Measurements.
The Farfield Requirement.
Great Circle versus Conical Cuts.
Target Support Structures.
Target-Ground Interactions.
Outdoor RCS Test Ranges.
The Ground-Plane Effect.
Effect of the Antenna Pattern.
Ground Reflection Coefficient.
Passive Clutter and Multipath Reduction.
Defeating the Ground Plane.
Examples of Past and Existing Ranges.
Indoor RCS Ranges.
Chamber Design.
Compact Ranges.
Range Operation.
Hip-Pocket RCS Estimation, Data Presentation, and Reduction High-Frequency Scattering by a Complex Target.
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