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Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts for Large Scale Projects

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Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts for Large Scale Projects
A practical guide to EPC contracting and claim management. — Essen - Germany, GIZ, 2013. — 252 p.
This EPC Guideline is intended to be a practical manual for state authorities, state owned companies and privately owned companies working in the EPC sector. It is based on workshops held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia during 2012, which were organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), who is also the publisher of this manual. It provides a comprehensive summary of the workshops, and shall help to find practical solutions for some common problems that often arise in projecting large scale industrial projects. This guideline is not exclusively designed for the above described circle of addressees who have taken part in the workshops, but hopefully finds its way to other users as well.
One of the challenges to be tackled when executing large scale projects is managing the complexity of parallel activities and processes. This guideline can serve as a “compass” to guide the reader through the different project stages, helping him stay oriented in the process. While the manual looks at all stages of an EPC project, from its planning and procurement to the operational claim management, its’ primary focus lies on the EPC contract itself. As the author believes that abstract explanations of the issues arising in an EPC environment are neither helpful nor offer the reader a good learning experience, a different approach has been chosen. The main part of the book is based on EPC clauses that are used in EPC contracts. The reader will then find explanations about the underlying idea and the resulting risks etc. including practical tips for the user of such document.
Table of Contents:
About this Guideline
The Addressees
The Concept
The Terminology
Large Scale Infrastructure Projects and EPC Contracts
The Setting of Large Scale Infrastructure Projects
Project Life Cycle: From Project Origination to Project Hand-over
The Project Tender Process: Tender Preparation
Compliance with National Public Procurement Law
Commercial Tender Strategy
Drafting an EPC Contract for Industrial Projects
The Project Tender Process: Evaluation and Negotiation of the Tender
Negotiations with Bidders
Claim Management
Claim Management in General
Preventive and Operative Claim Management
Operative Claim Management
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