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French Joseph L. Great Pirate Stories

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French Joseph L. Great Pirate Stories
New York: Tudor Publishing Co, 1922. — 658 p.
We returned to Carthagena, to be at hand should any opportunity occur for Jamaica, and were lounging about one forenoon on the fortifications, looking with sickening hearts out to seaward, when a voice struck up the following negro ditty close to us:
" Fader was a Corramantee, Moder was a Mingo, Black picaniny buccra wantee, So dem sell a me, Peter, by jingo. Jiggery, jiggery, jiggery."
"Well sung, Massa Bungo !" exclaimed Mr. Splinter; "where do you hail from, my hearty?" "Hillo ! Bungo, indeed ! free and easy dat, anyhow.
Who you yousef, eh?" "Why, Peter," continued the lieutenant, "don't you know me?"
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