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Yellow Book of Fire protection for structural steel in buildings 4th Edition (Volume 2 of 2)

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Yellow Book of Fire protection for structural steel in buildings 4th Edition (Volume 2 of 2)
This 4th Edition of the publication recognises that in recent years the use of cellular beam constructions have
increased, especially where long spans are required. These beams may feature circular, rectangular or lozenge
shaped openings in the web to reduce weight and to accommodate services. It is now well known that the
required thickness of any intumescent coating to provide fire protection to these types of cellular beams is
product specific and that generalised rules for adoption of the data appropriate to solid sections cannot be
made; the ‘narrowness’ of the web post needs to be considered to establish the appropriate thickness of the
coating. An explanatory section has been added to the text. Note that work on prEN 13381-8 does not yet
encompass testing and assessment of fire protection to cellular beams.
Notwithstanding these changes, the traditional ‘section factor’ tables have also been updated, since most steel
sizes now available from UK producers have been changed in recent times.
As in previous editions, an ASFP Technical Review Panel of independent experts judges the adequacy of the
test and assessment data supporting every product included in this book, ably managed and supported by the
ASFP Technical Officer. Appropriate acknowledgements are given in the inside cover. Readers can rest
assured that all ‘fire protective products/systems’ listed are capable of providing the claimed performance as
given by test to appropriate BS or EN standards, as indicated in all tabulated data. However, this does not
confer any reliability of performance or quality of products supplied by manufacturers to the market. This
assurance can be offered by ‘third party certification’ of the products.
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