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Tu R. Quantum Mechanics' Return to Local Realism

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Tu R. Quantum Mechanics' Return to Local Realism
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018. — 321 p. — ISBN-13 9781527513372.
This book proposes a model of the light knot electronic structure and the theory of quantum inverse measurement, showing that diffraction experiments can be explained by directional quantization. It points out that there exists a logical loophole in the interpretation process of quantum entanglement, and proves that there is a paradox in the uncertainty relationship. As such, the book lays the foundation for the establishment of local-realism quantum mechanics and successfully establishes the quantum mechanics of localized realism and determinism is successfully established. It will appeal to university students, teachers, and scientists, as well as science lovers.
A Declaration of a Quantum Mechanics Revolution
Quantum Inverse Measurement Theory Supports the Interpretation of Localized Realism and Determinism
Many Reliable Reasons have been found for “Non-randomness” and “Non-necessary Superposition” of the Micro System: Break Away from the Shackles of the Old Theory and Old Ideas
The Logic System, Interpretation System and Measurement View of Local Realism Quantum Mechanics
The Successful Applications for Local Realism Quantum Mechanics: The Nature of Covalent Bond and Quantitative Analysis of Mechanical Equilibrium for Several Molecules
The Principle and Application of the Experimental Method for Measuring the Interaction Energy between Electrons in Atoms
The Basic Experiment Design of Local Realism Quantum Mechanics
The Trouble with Quantum Mechanics
Why Quantum Mechanics Might Need an Overhaul
Pull the Quantum Mechanics Back to the Mortal World from the Ghostdom
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