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Yaşaroğlu Erdil. Minigon. Volume 1. Teacher's Book

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Yaşaroğlu Erdil. Minigon. Volume 1. Teacher's Book
Macenta. — 152 s.
Minigon is a new, ten level, pre-school course for very young learners of English from beginner to elementary level. This child-friendly fun series integrates cross-curricular learning with story-based learning whilst building environmental awareness. With lovely, fun and stimulating stories, games, songs and a wide variety of activities; the series presents the words and phrases in a context that entertains and motivates children so as to optimize their engagement with their own learning. The series involves the most up-to-date methodologies and dynamic learning techniques with a student-centered approach. Through games, songs and chanting rhymes, children will enjoy learning English within the context of stories, using flashcards and doing craft activities.
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