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Popkova E. et al. (eds.) Digital Economy: Complexity and Variety vs. Rationality

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Popkova E. et al. (eds.) Digital Economy: Complexity and Variety vs. Rationality
Springer, 2020. — 1055 p. — ISBN 3030295850.
This proceedings book features selected papers from the 9th National Scientific and Practical Conference “Digital Economy: Complexity and Variety Vs. Rationality,” which took place on April 17–18, 2019, in Vladimir (Russian Federation). It presents the latest research in the field of the digital economy, discussing its role in the creation of advantages for the state, entrepreneurship, and society, as well as the emergence of new economic risks.
The chapters address the following topics: the importance of economy’s digital modernization, tools for the formation of the digital economy in Russia, specific features and perspectives of digital modernization of the regional economy, an overview of the social consequences of transition to the digital economy, financial components of the digital economy, legal challenges regarding the digital reality for society and state, and the main challenges and threats to the profession of jurisprudence in the context of the digitization of the economy.
Intended for representatives of the academic community and researchers interested in the formation of the digital economy and digital society as well as undergraduates, postgraduates, and masters of economic specialties, the book is also a valuable resource for companies that use or wishing to implement digital technologies into their economic practices; and public and government employees involved with monitoring, control, and regulation of the digital economy.
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