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Fauvel John, Flood Raymond et al. (eds.) Let Newton be!

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Fauvel John, Flood Raymond et al. (eds.) Let Newton be!
Oxford University Press, 1994. — 272 p.
Over the three hundred years since the publication of his Principia Mathematica, Newton has come to symbolize the ideal of scientist and mathematician par excellence. Let Newton Be! (the title comes from a famous couplet by Alexander Pope) explores the many facets of Newton's life, labors, and legacy.
Incorporating much new evidence about Newton uncovered in the last two decades, the contributors examine Newton's work in mathematics and optics, his secret experiments with alchemy, his unconventional religious views, the negative reaction to his work (as seen, for instance, in the poetry of William Blake), and his legacy for modern science. Richly illustrated, vividly written, and based on the latest scholarship, Let Newton Be! offers an absorbing introduction to Britain's greatest scientist as well as a fascinating study in the history of ideas.
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