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Sources of English Constitutional History: A Selection of Documents from A.D. 600 to the Present

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Sources of English Constitutional History: A Selection of Documents from A.D. 600 to the Present
[edited and translated by Carl Stephenson and Frederick George Marcham]. – New York; London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1937. – 906 p.
Britain's unwritten constitution depends upon a long succession of writs, oaths, ordinances, charters, grants, cases and the like. The most important of those from 600 to 1937 are gathered into one volume. The Anglo-Saxon period – The Norman kings – Henry II and his sons – Henry III and Edward I – Edward II, Edward III, and Richard II – The houses of Lancaster and York – The Tudors – The early Stuarts – The interregnum – The restored Stuarts – William III to George II – George III and George IV – William IV and Victoria (to 1880) – Victoria (1880) to George VI.
Section I. The anglo-saxon period.
Introductory Note
Dooms of Aethelberht (601-04)
Dooms of Hlothaere and Eadric (685-86)
Dooms of Wihtraed (695-96)
Dooms of Ine (688-95)
Dooms of Alfred (871-901)
Dooms of Edward the Elder (901-24)
Dooms of Aethelstan (925-40)
Anonymous Dooms
Concerning Incendiaries and Murderers
Concerning Ordeals
Dooms of Edmund (942-46)
Coronation Oath of Edgar
Dooms of Edgar (946-63)
Dooms of Aethelred (980-1016)
Dooms of Canute (1020-34)
Customary Oaths
Oath of a Man to His Lord
Oath of an Accuser
Oath of One Thus Accused
Oath of One Seizing Property
Oath in Reply to Such Seizure
Oath of an Oath-Helper
Charters and Writs
Offa, King of Mercia: Grant to Worcester Cathedral (741-96)
Aethelred, Alderman of Mercia: Grant to the Monastery of Berkeley (883)
Aethelred, Alderman of Mercia, and His Witan: Confirmation of a Title to Land (896)
Edgar: Grant to the Bishop of Winchester (963)
Canute: Grant to St. Paul's, London (1036)
Confirmation of a Title to Land in the Shire Court of Hereford (1036)
Edward the Confessor: Grant to Westminster Abbey (1056)
Section ii. The norman kings.
Introductory Note
William I: ordinance Concerning Trials
William I: ordinance on Church Courts
William I: ten (attributed) Articles
Records concerning a suit (1079-86)
Writ of William I (1079-83)
writ of Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances (1086)
Writ of William I (1086)
william I: writs Concerning Inquests at Ely
Confirmation of Liberties for the Abbot of Ely (c. 1080)
Mandate for a Renewed Inquest (1082)
Return from the Domesday Inquest (1086)
Excerpts from Domesday Book
Henry I: coronation Charter (1100)
Henry I: ordinance on Local Courts
Pipe Roll of 31 Henry I (1130)
warwickshire Account
Miscellaneous Entries
Excerpts from the "Laws of Henry I"
Writs Concerning Feudal Tenures
William I: grant in Free Alms (1070-71)
William I: summons for Military Service (1072)
William Ii: writ for the Collection of Relief (1095-96)
Henry I: grant Concerning Scutage (1127)
Henry I: grant of an Heiress with Lands (1121)
Subinfeudation by Charter (1121-22)
Exchange and. Enfeoffment of Dower Land (c. 1123)
Stephen: Confirmation of a Serjeanty
Grants to Boroughs
William I: charter to London
Henry I: charter to London
Henry I: charter to Beverley
The Liberties of Newcastle
The Constitution of the King's Household
Section iii. Henry ii and his sons.
Introductory Note
The Constitutions of Clarendon (1164)
The Assize of Clarendon (1166)
The Assize of Northampton (1176)
Forms of Original Writs in Glanville
Assize of Mort d'Ancestor
Assize of Novel Disseisin
Assize Utrum
Assize of Darrein Presentment
Writ of Right
De Nativo
The Assize of Arms (1181)
The Assize of the Forest (1184)
Baronial Returns (1166)
From the Archbishop of York
From the Abbot of St. Albans
From the Earl of Essex
From Baderon of Monmouth
From Gilbert of Pinkney
From Peter de La Mare
From William of London
Pipe Roll of 33 Henry Ii (1187)
entries Concerning Scutage
Entries Concerning Tallage
Entries Concerning Profits of Justice
Ordinance of the Saladin Tithe (1188)
Borough Charters and Records
John: Charter to Ipswich (1200)
Record of Proceedings at Ipswich (1200)
Communal Oath of the Londoners
Levy of a Municipal Tax at London (1199)
Ordinance for the Defense of London
John: Charter to London (1215)
Judicial Records of 1194
Articles for the General Eyre
Excerpts from a Court Roll of 6 Richard I
letters Close and Patent (1205-13)
Summons to a Great Council (1205)
Summons of Service from the Cinque Ports (1206)
Levy of a Tax on Chattels and Rents (1207)
Military and Naval Preparations (1212)
Summons to a Great Council (1213)
Household Expense Roll (1210)
John: Charter to the Church (1214)
Magna Carta (1215)
Section iv. Henry iii and edward I.
Introductory Note
Henry Iii: charter of the Forest (1217) 129
Letters Close and Patent (1218-54)
Collection of Scutage (1218)
Summons before the Itinerant Justices (1219)
Collection of Carucage (1220)
Collection of a Fifteenth (1225)
Election of County Representatives (1227)
Collection of Tallage and Levy of Ships (1227)
Collection of a Fortieth (1232)
Ordinance for the Preservation of the Peace (1242)
Naval Levies (1242)
Writs of Summons (1253-54)
Records of the Baronial Crisis (1258-66)
Henry Iii: letters Agreeing to Reform (1258)
The Provisions of Oxford (1258)
The Provisions of Westminster (1259)
The Decision of Louis Ix (1264)
the Dictum of Kenilworth (1266)
Henry Iii: later Writs of Summons
Meeting with Knights of the Shire at Windsor (1261)
First Parliament of Simon de Montfort (1264)
Second Parliament of Simon de Montfort (1265)
Council of 1268
Parliamentary and other Writs (1275-95)
Parliament of 1275
The New Customs (1275)
Subsidy of 1282
Parliaments of 1283
Subsidies of 1294
Parliaments of 1295
Military and Naval Records (1278-97)
Distraint of Knighthood (1278)
Commissions of Array
Memorandum of Service from the Cinque Ports (1293)
General Levy for Service in France (1297)
Records concerning Parliament (1297-1306)
Confirmation of the Charters (1297)
Parliamentary Bill of 1301
Maltote of 1303
Memorandum of Parliament (1306)
Edward I: statutes and Ordinances
Statute of Gloucester (1278)
Statute of Mortmain (1279)
Ordinance for the Household (1279)
Statute of Merchants (1283)
Statute of Winchester (1285)
Statute of Quia Emptores (1290)
Ordinance Concerning Judicial Circuits (1293)
Articles of 1300
Royal Councillors' Oaths of Office
Oath of 1257
Oath of 1307
Judicial Records (1220-83)
Excerpts from the de Banco Roll of 1220
Excerpts from Assize Rolls of 1221
Excerpts from Exchequer Plea Rolls of 1236-37
Excerpts from Coroners' Rolls of 1266-67
Memorandum of Judicial Appointments (1278)
Excerpts from the Coram Rege Rolls of 1281
Excerpts from the Parliament Roll of 1283
Excerpts from Manorial Court Rolls (1246-49)
Section V. Edward ii, edward iii, and richard ii.
Introductory Note
Edward Ii: coronation Oath (1308)
Ordinances of 1311
Edward Ii: household Ordinance (1318)
Edward Ii: statute of York (1322)
Edward Ii's Abdication (1327)
Edward Iii: writs of Summons
Parliament of 1337
Great Council of 1353
Parliament Rolls of Edward Iii
parliament of 1330
Parliament of 1332
Parliament of 1339
First Parliament of 1340
Parliament of 1341
Parliament of 1343
Parliament of 1348
Parliament of 1372
Parliament of 1376
Edward Iii: statutes and Ordinances
Second Statute of I edward Iii: restriction of Military Levies, Improvement of Justice, etc. (1327)
Second Statute of 14 Edward Iii: parliamentary Control of Direct Taxes (1340)
Annulment of the Statute of 1341 (1342)
Statute of Labourers (1351)
Statute of Provisors (1351)
Statute of Treasons (1352)
Ordinance and Statute of Praemunire (1353)
Ordinance and Statute of the Staple (1353)
Statute of 34 Edward Iii: on Justices of the Peace (1361)
Statute of 36 Edward Iii: regarding Purveyance, Customs, etc. (1362)
Parliament Rolls of Richard Ii
parliament of 1377
Parliament of 1378
Parliament of 1379
Parliament of 1380
Parliament of 1381
Parliament of 1386
Parliament of 1388
Parliament of 1397
Parliament of 1398
Richard Ii: statutes and Ordinances
Appointment of Councillors (1377)
Statute of 7 Richard Ii: for the Improvement of Justice (1384)
Ordinance Concerning Livery and Maintenance (1390)
Ordinance Concerning the King's Council (1390)
Statute of 15 Richard Ii: restriction of Uses (1391)
Second Statute of Praemunire (1393)
Durham Halmote Rolls (1375)
Section vi. The houses of lancaster and york.
Introductory Note
Parliament Rolls of Henry Iv and Henry V
parliament of 1399
Parliament of 1401
Parliament of 1404
Parliament of 1406
Parliament of 1407
Parliament of 1414
Parliament Rolls of Henry Vi
parliament of 1422
Parliament of 1427
Parliament of 1429
Parliament of 1439
Parliament of 1451
Parliament of 1455
Parliament Roll of Richard Iii (1483)
statutes (1399-1483)
1 Henry Iv: restriction of Appeals (1399)
3 Henry Iv: for the Burning of Heretics (1401)
7 Henry Iv: on the Succession to the Throne and Elections to Parliament (1406)
1 Henry V: on Elections to Parliament (1413)
8 Henry Vi: on Elections to Parliament (1429)
23 Henry Vi: on Elections to Parliament (1445)
1 Edward Iv: validation of Lancastrian Acts (1461)
I richard Iii: abolition of Benevolences (1483)
Records of the Privy Council
Petition and Judgment (1401)
Minutes of December 8, 1406
Minutes of August 18, 1409
Memorandum of May 6, 1421
Minutes, March to June, 1422
Minutes of November 12, 1437
Judgment in the Star Chamber (1482)
Cases in Chancery
Petition for General Relief (1399)
Petition for Injunction
Petition with Regard to a Trust
Petition and Judgment Regarding a Mortgage (1456)
Borough Records
Extracts from the London Liber Albus
Henry Vi: charter to Nottingham (1448)
Municipal Ordinances at Leicester (1466-67)
Returns of Borough Elections (1437)
Section vii. The tudors.
Introductory Note
Henry Vii: statutes
Act of Succession (1485)
Star Chamber Act (1487)
Act Concerning Justices of the Peace (1489)
Poyning's Law (1494)
Statute of Treason (1495)
Statute of Liveries (1504)
Henry Viii: statutes
Act Concerning the Court of Star Chamber (1529)
Act in Restraint of Appeals (1533)
Act for the Submission of the Clergy and Restraint of Appeals (1534)
Act Concerning Ecclesiastical Appointments and Absolute Restraint of Annates (1534)
Act Concerning Peter's Pence and Dispensations (1534)
First Act of Succession (1534)
Supremacy Act (1534)
Statute of Uses (1536)
Beggars Act (1536)
Act for the Government of Wales (1536)
Statute of Proclamations (1539)
Act Dissolving the Greater Monasteries (1539)
Statute of the Six Articles (1539)
Third Act of Succession (1543)
Order for the Council of the North (1545)
Will of Henry Viii (1546)
edward Vi: statutes
First Act of Uniformity (1549)
Second Act of Uniformity (1552)
Mary: Statutes
First Statute of Repeal (1553)
Act Concerning the Regal Power (1554)
Second Statute of Repeal (1555)
Highways Act (1555)
Proceedings of the Privy Council (1526-57)
Regulations for the Council (1526)
Letters of the Council (1547)
Minutes of 28-29 April, 1550
Report to the Council on Princess Mary (1551)
Letters of the Council (1552-53)
Committees of the Council (1554)
Letters of the Council (1555-57)
Records of Cases in Star Chamber (1505-53)
The Bishop of Worcester V. Thomasyn and Others (1505)
Mulsho V. the Inhabitants of Thingden (1529)
Broke V. Spyttul (1534)
Petyt V. Jobber and Others (1540-41)
Gerard V. Dodd (1547-53)
The King V. a Jury of Lichfield (1551-53)
Elizabeth: Statutes
Act of Supremacy (1559)
Act of Uniformity (1559)
Statute of Artificers (1563)
Treasons Act (1571)
Act Prohibiting Bulls from Rome (1571)
Act against Sectaries (1593)
Act against Papists (1593)
Poor Relief Act (1598)
Proceedings in Parliament (1559-1601)
Opening of Parliament (1559)
Procedure on a Bill (1559)
Speech of the Lord Keeper on the Administration of Justice (1559)
A day's Business in the Commons (1563)
Procedure on a Request for Supply (1566)
Debate on Freedom of Speech (1566)
Speech of the Queen (1567)
Debate on Freedom of Speech (1571)
Intervention by the Queen (1572)
The Case of Peter Wentworth (1576)
The Case of Arthur Hall (1581)
Peter Wentworth's Questions on Free Speech (1587)
Speech of the Lord Keeper on the Privileges of the Commons (1593)
Speech of Serjeant Heyle (1601)
Speeches by Sir Robert Cecil (1601)
Speech of the Queen (1601)
Records concerning the council (1558-1600)
Proceedings on a Case in London (1558-59)
Committees of the Council (1558)
Letters on Judicial Matters (1559-66)
Memorandum on the Statute of Artificers (1565)
Memorandum on Appeals from Jersey (1572)
Oath of the Clerk of the Council (1572)
Miscellaneous Letters (1573-93)
Instructions to Local Government Officials (1598)
John Herbert's Memorandum (1600)
Commission for Ecclesiastical Causes (1559)
Acts Concerning Printing (1530-85)
Proclamation Against Erroneous Books (1530)
Decree in Star Chamber Concerning Books (1566)
Decree in Star Chamber Concerning Printers (1585)
Local Judicial Records (1553-96)
Oath of Office of a Justice of the Peace
Persons Summoned to the Staffordshire Quarter Sessions (October, 1585)
Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls (1587-96)
Rolls of Borough Sessions at Nottingham (1553-88)
Records Concerning the Militia (1539-77)
Commission of a Lord Lieutenant (1576)
Instructions for General Musters (1572)
Certificate of Muster Masters (1539)
Instructions for Training Men in Lancashire (1577)
Grants for Trade and Colonies (1578-1601)
Letters Patent to Sir Humphrey Gilbert (1578)
Charter to the East India Company (1601)
Section viii. The early stuarts.
Introductory Note
Records of Parliament and Taxes (1604-22)
James I: proclamation Concerning Elections (1604)
Early Proceedings of the Commons (1604)
The Case of Sir Francis Goodwin (1604)
The Case of Sir Thomas Shirley (1604)
Notes Concerning Procedure in the Commons (1604-07)
Message of James I to the Commons (5 June 1604)
The Apology of the Commons (20 June 1604)
James I: levy of Impositions (1608)
Address of the Commons to James I (1610)
letter of James I to the Commons (1621)
Debates in the Commons on Privilege (1621)
The King's Dissolution of Parliament (1622)
James I: statutes
Succession Act (1604)
Act to Explain the Statute of Artificers (1604)
General Act in Shirley's Case (1604)
Statute of Monopolies (1624)
Records of Judicial Cases (1606-21)
Bates' Case (1606)
The Question of Prohibitions (1607)
The Case of the Postnati (1608)
The Question of Royal Proclamations (1610)
Council Proceedings on a Judgment in Chancery (1613)
The Question of Commendams (1616)
Council Proceedings against Sir Edward Coke (1616)
Pigg V. Caley (1618)
Impeachment of Francis Bacon (1621)
Records Concerning Parliament (1626-29)
Letter of Charles I to the Commons (1626)
Charles I: ordinance for Levying Customs (1626)
Proceedings on the Arrest of Certain Lords (1626)
Petition of Right (1628)
Proceedings on the Petition of Right (1628)
Resolutions of the Commons (1629)
Acts of the Royal Government (1630-35)
Proclamation for Distraint of Knighthood (1630) 455
Writ for the Collection of Ship Money (1634)
Commission for Levying Fines Under Forest Law (1635)
Records of Judicial Cases (1627-38)
The Case of the Five Knights (1627)
The Question of Ship Money (1637)
The King V. John Hampden (1638)
Star Chamber Reports (1631)
High Commission Reports (1631)
Records of the Short Parliament (1640)
Speech of the Lord Keeper (13 April)
Speech of the Lord Keeper (22 April)
Proceedings in the Commons (23-24 April)
The King's Speech and Its Results (24 April)
Dissolution of Parliament (5 May)
Records of the Long Parliament (1640-42)
Triennial Act (1641)
Act for the Attainder of Strafford (1641)
Act to Continue the Existing Parliament ( 1641 )
Tunnage and Poundage Act (1641)
Act Abolishing Arbitrary Courts (1641)
Act Abolishing the Court of High Commission (1641)
Act Abolishing Ship Money (1641)
Act Defining Forests and Forest Law (1641)
Act Abolishing Fines for Distraint of Knighthood (1641)
Reply of Charles I to the Commons' Petition (1641)
Orders of the Commons with Regard to Printing
Act Abolishing Temporal Power of the Clergy (1641)
The Militia Ordinance (1642)
Royal Proclamation (27 May 1642)
Declaration of the Lords and Commons (27 May 1642)
The Nineteen Propositions (1 June 1642)
Decree of the Clergy on Regal Power (1640)
Records of Local Government (1616-37)
Speech of James I to the Judges (1616)
The Lord Keeper's Instructions to the Justices (1632)
Yorkshire Quarter Sessions Records (1610-12)
Worcestershire Quarter Sessions Records (1637)
Records Concerning Virginia (1606-25)
James 1: Charter to the Virginia Company (1606)
Ordinance of the Virginia Council (1621)
Charles I: proclamation Concerning Virginia (1625)
Section ix. The interregnum.
Introductory Note
The Solemn League and Covenant (1643)
Ordinances of Parliament (1644-45)
Committee for Co-operation with the Scots (1644)
The Self-Denying Ordinance (1645)
The Heads of the Proposals (1647)
An Agreement of the People (1649)
Records of the Trial of Charles I (1649)
act Erecting a High Court of Justice (6 January)
The King's Refusal to Recognize the Court (21 January)
The Sentence of the Court (27 January)
Act Establishing a Council of State (1649)
Act Abolishing the Kingship (1649)
Act Abolishing the House of Lords (1649)
Treasons Act (1649)
Act Establishing the Commonwealth (1649)
Navigation Act (1651)
The Instrument of Government (1653)
The Humble Petition and Advice (1657)
The Declaration of Breda (1660)
Section X. The restored stuarts.
Introductory Note
Charles Ii: statutes
Act Legalizing the Convention Parliament (1660)
Act Abolishing Feudal Tenures (1660)
Post Office Act (1660)
Navigation Act (1660)
Treasons Act (1661)
Act Restoring the Temporal Power of the Clergy (1661)
Act Against Tumultuous Petitioning ( 1661 )
Militia Act (1661)
Ecclesiastical Commission Act (1661)
Corporation Act (1661)
Act of Uniformity (1662)
Act to Relieve the Poor (1662)
Licensing Act (1662)
Act Regulating Commerce (1663)
Triennial Act (1664)
Conventicle Act (1664)
Five-Mile Act (1665)
First Test Act (1673)
Act Repealing the Statute for the Burning of Heretics (1678)
Second Test Act (1678)
Habeas Corpus Act (1679)
Royal Declaration of Indulgence (1672)
Proceedings in Parliament (1668-81)
On Skinner V. the East India Company (1668-70)
On the Right of the Lords to Amend Money Bills (1671)
On the Declaration of Indulgence (1673)
On Shirley V. Fagg (1675)
On the Right of the Lords to Amend Money Bills (1678)
On the Impeachment of Danby (1679)
On the Printing of Votes in the Commons (1681)
Records of Judicial Cases (1670-88)
Bushell's Case (1670)
The King V. Henry Carr (1680)
The King V. the City of London (1682)
Godden V. Hales (1686)
The Case of the Seven Bishops (1688)
Records Concerning Colonies (1660-81)
Appointment of Committees of the Council (1660)
Instructions for the Council of Trade ( 1660)
Establishment of a Single Committee on Trade and Plantations (1675)
Charles Ii: charter to Connecticut (1662)
Charles Ii: grant to William Penn (1681)
Records of Leicester (1660-88)
Petition of Nathaniel Hasselwood for the Freedom of the Borough
Letter Concerning a New Municipal Charter (1664)
Disputed Election to the Corporation (1665-66)
Memorandum Concerning Conventicles (1671)
Petition of the Stocking-Makers
Letter Concerning Elections to Parliament (1677)
Chamberlain's Account (1682-83)
Section xi. William iii to george ii.
Introductory Note
William Iii: statutes
Bill of Rights (1689)
Mutiny Act (1689)
Coronation Oath Act (1689)
Toleration Act (1689)
Triennial Act (1694)
Trials for Treason Act (1696)
Civil List Act (1698)
Act of Settlement (1701)
Anne: Statutes
Act of Union with Scotland (1707)
Place Act (1707)
George I: statutes
Riot Act (1715)
Septennial Act (1716)
Irish Parliament Act (1719)
Proceedings in Parliament (1695-1745)
Commons' Resolutions on the Licensing Bill (1695)
Resolutions on the Case of Ashby V. White (1704)
Minority Protest in the Lords against the Septennial Act (1716)
Commons' Debate on the Printing of Speeches (1738)
Discussion of Cabinet Councils (1738-40)
Debate on the Removal of Walpole from Office (1741)
Sir William Yonge on Annual Parliaments (1745)
Records of Judicial Cases (1691-1710)
The Case of John Ashton (1691)
Blankard V. Galdy (1693)
Ashby V. White and Others (1702-03)
The Queen V. Paty and Others (1704)
The Queen V. Tutchin (1704)
Impeachment of Sacheverell (1710)
Records Concerning Colonies (1692-1718)
Instructions to the Governor of New York (1692)
Order in Council on Colonial Appeals (1696)
Order on an Appeal from Connecticut (1698)
Report on Trade and Plantations (1700)
Council Proceedings on Colonial Trade (1705-18)
Section xii. George iii and george iv.
Introductory Note
George Iii: statutes
Stamp Act (1765)
Declaratory Act (1766)
Townshend's Revenue Act (1767)
Quebec Act (1774)
Colonial Tax Repeal Act (1778)
Burke's Place Act (1782)
Irish Appeals Act (1783)
Canadian Constitution Act (1791)
Fox's Libel Act (1792)
Act Suspending Habeas Corpus in Certain Cases (1794)
Treasonable and Seditious Practices Act (1795)
Seditious Assemblies Act (1795)
Poor Relief Act (1795)
Act of Union with Ireland (1800)
Cotton Industry Arbitration Act (1800)
Combination Act (1800)
Factory Act (1802)
George Iv: statutes
Repeal of the Combination Acts (1825)
Repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts (1828)
Roman Catholic Emancipation Act (1829)
Proceedings in Parliament (1763-84)
Proceedings in the Case of John Wilkes (1763)
Minority Protest in the Lords on the Repeal of the Stamp Act (1766)
Proceedings on the Middlesex Election (1769)
Commons' Debate on the Reporting of Speeches (1778)
Commons' Debate on North's Government (1779)
Commons' Debate on Dunning's Resolutions (1780)
Pitt's Proposals for Reform of Parliament (1783)
Commons' Debate on the Influence of the Crown (1783)
Debates on the Continuance of Pitt's Ministry (1784)
Records of Judicial Cases (1763-1820)
Habeas Corpus Proceedings in Wilkes' Case (1763)
Entick V. Carrington (1765)
Somersett's Case (1772)
Campbell V. Hall (1774)
The Case of the Dean of St. Asaph (1784)
Grant V. Gould (1792)
The Case of Wolfe Tone (1798)
Wright V. Fitzgerald (1799)
The King V. Burdett (1820)
Section xiii. William iv and victoria (to 1880).
Introductory Note
William Iv: statutes
Reform Act (1832)
Privy Council Appeals Act (1833)
Act Abolishing Slavery (1833)
Factory Act (1833)
Poor Law Amendment Act (1834)
Municipal Corporations Act (1835)
Victoria: Statutes (1839-76)
Constables Act (1839)
Defence Act (1842)
Repeal of the Navigation Acts (1849)
County and Borough Police Act (1856)
Petitions of Right Act (1860)
Colonial Laws Validity Act (1865)
British North America Act (1867)
Representation of the People Act (1867)
Education Act (1870)
Ballot Act (1872)
Judicature Act (1873)
Appellate Jurisdiction Act (1876)
Proceedings in Parliament (1831-66)
Debates on the Reform Bill (1831)
Debate on Melbourne's Government (1841)
Disraeli on the Work of the Commons (1848)
Debate on the Rebellion Losses Bill of Canada (1849)
Lord John Russell on Palmerston's Dismissal (1852)
Gladstone on the Advance of the Working Class (1866)
Records Concerning Canada (1839-59)
The Durham Report (1839)
Letter of Howe to Russell (18 September 1839)
Dispatches of Russell to Poulett Thomson (1839)
Dispatch of Stanley to Bagot (8 October 1841 )
Dispatch of Metcalfe to Stanley (5 August 1843)
Dispatches of Grey to Harvey (1846-47)
Dispatch of Elgin to Grey (1847)
Letter of Grey to Elgin (22 February 1848)
Dispatch of Elgin to Newcastle (26 March 1853)
The Galt Memorandum (1859)
Records of Judicial Cases (1832-76)
Charge to the Bristol Grand Jury (1832)
Stockdale V. Hansard (1839)
The Case of the Sheriff of Middlesex (1840)
Wason V. Walter (1868)
Rustomjee V. the Queen (1876)
Section xiv. Victoria (1880) to george vi.
Introductory Note
Victoria: Statutes (1884-1900)
Representation of the People Act (1884)
Redistribution of Seats Act (1885)
Allotments Act (1887)
Local Government Act (1888)
Workmen's Compensation Act (1897)
Commonwealth of Australia Act (1900)
Edward Vii: statutes
Trade Disputes Act (1906)
Union of South Africa Act (1909)
George V: statutes
Parliament Act (1911)
National Insurance Act (1911)
Defence of the Realm Consolidation Act (1914)
Representation of the People Act (1918)
Re-election of Ministers Act (1919)
Sex-Disqualification Removal Act (1919)
Church of England Assembly Act (1919)
Emergency Powers Act (1920)
Irish Free State Agreement Act (1922)
Trade Disputes and Trade Unions Act (1927)
Equal Franchise Act (1928)
Local Government Act (1929)
Statute of Westminster (1931)
Proceedings in Parliament (1909-32)
Debate on the Budget (1909)
Debate on Reform of the House of Lords (1910)
Resolutions of the House of Lords (1910)
Debate in the Commons on Cabinet Responsibility (1932)
Records of Judicial Cases (1884-1935)
Bradlaugh V. Gossett (1884)
Kruse V. Johnson (1898)
Local Government Board V. Arlidge (1915)
The King V. Halliday (1917)
Attorney General V. De Keyset's Royal Hotel (1920)
Moore and Others V. the Attorney General of the Irish Free State (1935)
Records of the Imperial Conference (1926)
His Majesty's Government (1936)
Records of Edward Viii's Abdication (1936)
Speech by Prime Minister Baldwin
Declaration of Abdication Act
George Vi: coronation Oath (1937)
Saints' Days and Other Festivals Mentioned in the Foregoing Documents
General Bibliography
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