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Skousen Joel M. The Secure Home

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Skousen Joel M. The Secure Home
Third edition. — Orem: 2006. — 674 p.
This new edition represents the first major update I have done since the 2nd edition of 1982. With this edition, the original Survival Home Manual has a new title: The Secure Home. The title was changed due to the increasing hostility of the mainstream media to the word “survival” and its continuing insistence that a “survivalist” mentality equates to some form of right-wing terrorism. It has somehow become the popular pastime of those in power to denigrate and vilify any person who distrusts the ability of those in power to manage and control the world in our behalf. I frankly admit to being one of those who distrusts government. Not only do I believe the “powers that be” lack the wisdom, the constitutional authority, and the moral character to guide others’ lives against their will; I believe there is ample evidence to demonstrate that the top leaders are joined in a conspiracy of power, intent upon destroying the vestiges of liberty that remain from our once constitutional republic. They clearly desire to implant a world government upon all nations, stripping us of effective national sovereignty in the process.
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