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McDonald J.M. (ed.) The Faces of D-Day

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McDonald J.M. (ed.) The Faces of D-Day
Redondo Beach, CA: Rank and File Publications, 2000. — 103 p.
This commemorative project shows faces of the Americans who fought in the Battle of D-Day, June 5-6, 1944, the largest invasion military history had seen. McDonald realizes that when one sees a face and reads the name of an individual fighter, the staggering numbers are transformed into the personal level. Here she has included 233 Americans who took part in D-Day. The entry for each person includes a photo, induction date, rank and military unit, and personal recollections of the battle. In one night and day, 175,000 soldiers were transported across the English Channel. Approximately 5,300 ships and 11,000 aircraft took part in this historic assault. When the day was over, Allies forces had suffered more than 9,500 casualties.
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